Thursday, January 27, 2011

European Championships: The Men's Short

Videos and results after the jump!

To quote the great cranky columnist, OlyPhil: "One-time world champ fig skater Brian Joubert, of France a disaster in 2 Olympics, got 7th in SP at Euros today. Time to hang it up, Brian"

Official Results

1. Florent Amodio
2. Michal Brezina
3. Artur Gachinski
5. Tomas Verner
6. Samuel Contesti
7. Brian Joubert
8. Kristoffer Berntsson
9. Peter Liebers
10. Alban Preaubert
11. Javier Fernandez
12. Paolo Bacchini
13.Jorik Hendrickk
14. Konstantin Menshov
15. Adrian Schultheiss


  1. I really like the music for Brezina's SP - the program had great sections (really liked the footwork sequence) although my impression is he needs to skate it through some more for it to completely gel.

    That bedazzled dragon shirt is kind of overkill, though.

  2. Why should Brian hang it up? He can skate as long as he wants to!