Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fire On Ice: Champions of American Skating

In 2001, A&E provided one of the best documentaries ever about ladies skating.  While the clips shown aren't exactly their Olympic programs or featuring the actual music for what is shown, the narratives included are an utter delight.  This documentary captures the wonderfully devilish antics of Ms. Katarina Witt and the insufferable whining of Roz Sumners.


  1. Was Roz sniffing glue? She skated the best short program she could have possibly done? And it was those evil judges who wanted to just boost Katarina and put her down as far as they could? Roz has a pretty interesting recollection of things. At least the rest of us have the vids. She was placed right where she belonged in the SP, and her LP she was way overmarked. What an ego.

  2. Thank you SO much for posting these up. They were definitely very interesting perspectives of American ladies' skating throughout the years!

    I have to admit though, the abundance of Tara in the video made me curl up into a ball at times. I'm sure she's not such a bad person, but in my heart, Michelle will always be better. She was my role model growing up, after all.

    One question. I know they talked briefly about Janet Lynn in the TV special, but why didn't they give some deserved spotlight as well?