Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This and That

Alicia Sacramone Q+A before the Denver-BYU-Air Force-UGA Quad Meet.

Voir aren't sure whether they'll compete at Canadian Nationas, but Igor Shpilband says they'll decide soon. They're getting back into shape slowly and plan to compete at Four Continents and Worlds.  Tessa supposedly isn't feeling any pain in her shins, but she admitted to lying to us for the last two why should this time be any different?

Evan Lysacek on Olympic fame, Russian rivalry and diet hallucinations.

I was nice about Johnny Weir's book, but look who came out in his Cirque du Soleil makeup for his events yesterday?  Remember when he used to dress fashionably, but remotely human in public back in 06ish?  That was before the over-the-top image really took hold.  Note Tara Modlin's latest client, Sarah Hughes, following Johnny around everywhere to get her face in the press.

Suzanne Yoculan will be commentating the Utah-UGA meet this weekend and is scheduled to be commentating at least one meet per weekend for the rest of the season.

Nicholas LaRoche became a part of the NoH8 Campaign.

Va Zam gave an interview with IG where she says she'll be returning to elite and would like to contribute on every event.  Given that this is NCAA season and everyone loves Zam and Miss Val, we should pretend that this will actually be a reality.  Note where she gives a cult shout-out to Brittani McCullough coming back from her torn achilles to win an NCAA FX Title, because as well all know, NCAA is absolutely on par with success in elite.  Zam did say that she wasn't 'over training,' which we've heard is the understatement of the year from her teammates.  It remains to be seen whether the naturally talented gymnast would survive a day in New Waverly.

Pua Hall has been showing off some training clips on youtube lately.  Here she is trying a toe on-tkatchev.


  1. Where can we hear Suzanne's commentary?

  2. Someone needs to smack Johnny in the head so he goes back to his own natural look.

  3. Not only am I never sure anymore what the truth is with Voir, I think this also applies to Skate Canada. I'm sure they know what's up but willingly keep saying (or implying) that Voir will compete, even when they know they won't.

  4. Ugh I'm so tired of will they or won't they in regard to Voir competing at Cdns. I wish they would just make a decision and then give an interview. I'm beyond caring if they compete at all this season. I wish them well and hope that Tessa is pain free, but I'm tired of hearing about her surgery/recovery...

  5. Johnny isn't Cirque du Soleil; he's STAR TREK now.


  6. Can Johnny look any more ridiculous now?! He has natural good looks, and it's all ruined with that hideous overdone makeup.

    I'm not sure Va Zam actually understands elite gymnastics. She'd really have to upgrade on everything, learn how to be consistent, and become more dedicated to training to factor in.

  7. Oh, Johnny, Johnny... yeah, we get it - you're so "edgy" and "unique" and "unpredictable"... you wildcat!! You'd sleep with a man but still marry a woman?! You crazy, kid, you non-conformist, you!

    Hey, Johnny - how about going with the whole "I'm cute as a bug without makeup, a naturally handsome young man and a damn good skater, gay or not!"??? You can be so awesome and delicious, stop trying to be a circus freak! Embrace yourself, Johnny! And relax. sigh...

  8. Um, okay, I think maybe this (10:55) was meant to be posted in the topic below that leads with JW's cutie pic. Sorry - computer issues that make the imbedded vids cover up much of the text, and other glitches. :(

  9. Johnny looks rather creepy with that overdone eyeliner. Almost vampire like. Yuck.

  10. ""I'm cute as a bug without makeup, a naturally handsome young man and a damn good skater, gay or not!"???"

    Maybe people should stop asking about his sexuality again and again and again and not make an issue about it. Coincidentally, that´s what Johnny has been asking for for years.

  11. To 6:10 - I think we're in agreement here but my comment you quoted may imply the opposite. I don't think he or anyone else should make an issue of his sexuality. He's often the one making it an issue in an "am I or aren't I" titillating kind of way.
    I was simply saying he should be himself - a very talented (and cute) skater and not keep trying to be so outrageous and shocking. It's seems fake and silly. He's interesting and talented without all the pretense.

  12. Why can't Lysacek just talk about the quad issue?!? What did his win mean for that jump and what it said about the sport going backwards 12 years. It wasn't even about US vs Russia because Stojko bashed Lysaceks win more than anyone! What about Plushenko doing quads almost his whole career? I guess that's something about Plushenko he doesn't admire. He is so phony when it comes to Plushenko. When before the 2010 Olympics did he say he looked up to him. NO TIMES. He is so BS and phony and I don't even know why in this case!