Thursday, January 20, 2011

This and That

Bridget Sloan is promoting USAG's new handstand contest, which no one will participate in other than a few clubs trying to kiss their ass.

An Anna Li training update.  Va Zam posted a sarcastic remark as a comment when this article was posted on the UCLA Gymnastics page.  The UCLA coaches were offended when Anna Li chose to train elite at AOGC instead of with them and told the girls it would ''hurt recruiting.''  There has been a noticeable rift.  Li has been training hard at AOGC.  It is amusing that Zam would accuse her of being less than serious given her own lack of a work ethic, which was somewhat evident with her inconsistency at US Nationals on some events, despite her brilliant talent and surprising vault.

A Gym Dog practice update with Jay Clark, Hilary Mauro and Christa Tanella.

Gametime with Noel Couch.

Gina Nuccio will miss the upcoming Auburn meet due to an ankle sprain suffered vs. West Virginia.  Shayla Worley is sick and may miss the meet.  Hilary Mauro is fighting a strained achilles and Mother Nature, as maturity is showing up in a big way this year.

Rachael Flatt and Co. try to defend their awful decision to use East of Eden for her short program.  Some people have no clue when it comes to getting people to hate her less.

A Gator update from the Texas trio:  Liz Green, Alaina Johnson and Alicia Goodwin.

Alina Kabayeva has applied for a patent for Alina Dolls, which she hopes will rival Barbies.  Lord knows I'd purchase one.  Hopefully it comes with an accompanying Putin doll.  I'd love to buy some Russian whore dolls for my nieces to play with.

Ask The Bruins

Amanda Dobbs withdrew from US Nationals due to injury.


  1. I understand what the Flatt camp is saying about how her old music when from the smooth Summertime to that fast crap. But East of Eden reminds me so much of Michelle, I don't know how well this will go over. I don't think it will be amazing like Rachael says it will be, but at least she seems to like it. Luckily for Rachael, most of the people in the crowd will be rather casual skating fans and will probably give her a standing O. Sigh.

  2. Yo, Noel Couch stole Miss Val's "calm confidence" shtick! Someone from UCLA should go to Athens to get it back. Goodness knows the Bruins could use a dose of it.

  3. Honestly I don't know why Val got her panties in a twist because Anna didn't want to train elite with her but with coaches who had more experience coaching elite. Wasn't her original plan to possible train with her mom except her mother wasn't really supportive of her plans? And in any case anna training elite might be a distraction to the team since elite training requires more reps, more hours, different skills.

  4. Not to mention entirely different bar settings.

  5. Tanella should just never open her mouth. She is annoying as hell to listen to.