Friday, October 1, 2010

The Magic of Tarasova...or Linichuk?

Back in December 1996, Pasha (the artist formerly known as Oksana Grishuk) and Evgeny switched from Natalia Linichuk to Tatiana Tarasova. The move is curious for many reasons, but wasn't exactly shocking. The #1 and #2 teams in the world were training together in a mighty political sport. If you've ever seen Krylova or Pasha, it wouldn't shock you that drama could be involved. If you watch all the way to the end of the video, the British Eurosport commentators mention that Pasha and Evgeny left because they "could not guarantee that they'd be first place." It was a mighty case of "Did she just say that?" It is worth a smirk or two given how Linichuk was able to get Domnina and Shabalin a 2009 World Title, 2010 Olympic Bronze and have her teams go 1-2 at LA Worlds.

'The Feeling Begins' is an absolute masterpiece. That is without question. What remains curious is who deserves the credit for choreographing it? Choreographers and coaches often claim a percentage of one's competition earnings and whatever earnings they command on the basis of their title. Grishuk and Platov began the program with Linichuk while Evgeny was sidelined with his knee injury, but does it resemble a Linichuk program that you've ever seen? Surely, steps and lifts that she created remain in the program, but it tends to scream Tarasova to me.


  1. Annnnd that's precisely why I can't get into ice dance. What other sport, or even discipline of skating, can "guarantee you first" based on what coach you have? It's nonsense, and only happens in ice dance and rhythmic gym. Both are very athletic, can't they just judge the sport? At least ice dance now has real rules and the skaters have to fighting for the levels on the elements.

  2. The cheating made things incredibly exciting and hilarious. Fans were more amused than outraged by the cheating. It created batshit crazy divas, infamous judging moments, brilliant Kiss and Cry encounters and some over-the-top programs. It was beyond our wildest dreams. No one cared about fairness. Politics will always have a large role in judged sports.