Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ladies' All-Around Final

Bring it home Aliya!!

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  1. Uh, considering her injury, her performance wasn't depressing by any means. Mustafina has been far superior throughout the WC anyway.

  2. I think it's pretty sad that she can never put it all together. THAT must be pretty depressing. And she's always injured. Totes over that excuse.

  3. Commie did a good job. She's a lot better gymnast than overscored Khorki. Kudos.

    Bross dug deep on floor ex and worked hard the whole time with that shin. Girl's got grit. Glad she pulled it out to get some hardware.

  4. Mustafina's attitude is awesome. She's not the in-your-face diva that Khorkina was, but she just acts like she knows the the best. It's brilliant.

    While that was the best floor routine I've ever seen Bross do, I thought it was way overscored. Ditto with Jiang's bars.

  5. Musty is hot stuff. Even the vault looked better today. That dismount on BB is fooked though. She never gets it around.