Friday, October 15, 2010

This and That

Michal Brezina will not compete at the Cup of China. He had surgery on a vein. It is not expected to be a long recovery, but it will keep him out of the event.

Michelle Kwan's advice to Yu-Na Kim.

Vanessa Lam won the JGP Ostrava. She does not qualify for the Junior Grand Prix Final because she only competed at one event. Risa Shoji finished second. Polina Shelepen was third. Kiri Baga fell to fifth but nabbed the last spot for the JGPF.

Keegan Messing is currently fourth after the short program.

The ladies finalists for the Junior Grand Prix Final are:

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva
Polina Sotnikova
Polina Shelepen
Risa Shoji
Christina Gao
Yasmin Siraj
Kristiene Gong
Kiri Baga

As expected, the American pair did not win JGP Ostrava. Ashley Cain and Joshua Reagan won silver behind Xiaoyu Yu and Yang Jin.

Johnny Weir will perform on Battle of the Blades this Sunday and Monday.

Beth Tweddle and Aliya Mustafina simultaneously rocked bars in training. Mother Russia may not be out of it yet.


  1. all i'm gonna say on a vein?


  2. sarah hughes-- now the most cringeworthy writer on icenetwork.

    are Evan Bates and Becky Bereswill dating? Looks like it from his facebook profile pic.

  3. Johnny said nothing about performing, only that he'll be a "special guest".

    I hope everything goes smoothly with Michal.

  4. what's wrong with sarah's writing? she's a yale graduate, she gave a detailed account of the event..she wasn't writing the novel of the century

    I'm not even a fan and actually kind of a hater cos I'm a michelle stan

  5. doesn't evan bates bat for lysacek's team

  6. jwe's new out is a safety dance. rumour has it tm dealed that if jwe accepted the award and posed for the mag she would support him for 2014 and not leak a pic or a vid. there was also a little pressure from jc and ea. i heard theres a film or pic out there with jwe in a compromising situation involving someone elses' penis. not fair cause jwe was drunk and stoned off his ass at time of pic. tm is doing this so abott and rippon can medal in 2014. like one guy asked-so how is your triple. even gays are hating this fluff now cause the focus and issue of importance with tm, jc, and ea (and some sex starved fans) appears to be jwe's sex life and sexuality which jwe can and will change at any time of HIS choosing (tm take note-the only one you're fooling is YOU). so stop the flamin bs already and get the show on the road.

  7. just so its clear to johnny's fans, rm is friends but not in love. rm made it clear in an interview that he's in love with his bf who is an investment broker (hello BIG MONEY) who he's been seeing for almost a year. sry jwe fans.