Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This and That

My local paper has another article (well, a blog) about Johnny and it includes all sorts of quotes from (and even a photo of) Tara Modlin, because all agents are shown getting their weaves put in and drag makeup on with their clients.

Alan Abrahamson tells us why he's so excited that Sac is back.

In case you haven't heard, Sam Shapiro fractured her foot and is out of the selection camp. I know, I know, this really messes up everyone's projected lineups. I so expected her to make the team. Frankly, I forgot she was even 'healthy' for this hot second.

Nina Vitrichenko passed away. She was the mother, and judge and sometimes coach of her daughter. Nina was always a judge for rhythmic during the International 3 on 3 when her daughter was competing. NBC liked to point that out because they wanted their event to appear super legitimate and prestigious.

JGP GBR videos have emerged.

Adelina Sotnikova SP:

Yasmin Siraj SP:

Yasmin Siraj FS:

Adelina Sotnikova FS:


  1. Oh Tara. It's like there are no Johnny articles anymore that don't mention her.

    Thanks so much for the JGP videos!

  2. I mean, that article about Alicia just stated the obvious. Why even reference it? Comeback this, and life after gymnastics that. Just shut up and compete. Be an athlete, for christssake. I imagine she does these interviews because she knows that without gymnastics she has nothing. Pathetic.

  3. I don't see how anyone could read that Alicia article and take it negatively. Her comeback is a great chance for her to "redeem herself" and be able to enjoy competing while healthy, and it's great for the sport in general. Alicia is a tremendously talented athlete who gets to travel the world doing a sport she truly loves. As she says, it beats getting a "real job". I am envious!

  4. Only the best kavaguti/smirnov music cuts for Adelina Sotnikova!

  5. Can it be? A Russian that is actually more flexible than an American? ;)

  6. Tara is one of those women who always have a stinky cooch. It doesn't matter how much makeup she layers on that face of hers or how many bears she has shellacking her hair or how many gallons of perfume she squirts on. She looks unclean and stinky.

  7. Tara's cooch does stink, but not as much as her horrid PR skills in getting Johnny to tweet about his daydream. Tara contacted Cheno's team earlier to insure her response to Johnny's tweet. Notice how Cheno came into convo with Johnny within thirty minutes of his Moscow post and right on top of his other comment? Notice how Cheno's PR team are tweeting about this on Johnny's timeline? Such a scam and so, so PLANNED. Cheno needs to work on her acting skills. Not Oscar worthy.

    Looks like Johnny is trying to make a female jealous again by flirting with Cheno; who is B-List at best. The female Johnny is trying once again to make jealous has been contacted in this past week alone by five or more Major A-List Hollywood celebs (huge award winners) who have taken notice of her (the female Johnny is trying to make jealous) obvious talents. Tara has every right to be very nervous about this current and on-going development!

  8. Anonymous 6:16, if what you're saying is true and if this keeps up, I bet one day the female Johnny is trying to make jealous will be standing with other award-winning A-Listers. To think that could have been Johnny standing along side her, but that's what he gets for being stupid. Tara needs to think long and hard. Tara is not an A-List PR agent and needs to admit that she is in way over her head and she simply cannot win against these odds. Any crazy antics by Tara or Johnny from here on out will only serve to embarrass Tara and her family, and Johnny's too.

  9. Anonymous 6:16 and 6:49, I was there at the rink in OH when the posts went down. Johnny was on the ice at one end while the zomboni was at the other when it broke down. Johnny didn't have his cell in hand so he couldn't have been the one tweeting Chenowhoever. Tara and this other girl looked very busy with theirs, however. One phone was pink. The other was a Blackberry with red, white and blue.

  10. Ya know, I'm beginning to hope that Johnny falls and injures himself this Sunday. I think after those posts, he deserves it. It's obvious. The only reason those tweets were released was to get someone's attention. He deserves to have something really upset and damage his over-inflated ego and his heart. He seems to have a problem giving and showing respect and proper appreciation when and where it is due. Shame.

  11. http://twitter.com/germansoulmate/statuses/26819553210

    Germanwhatever, when you wish for someone's dream to come true out of an extreme hatred and jealousy towards someone else, the dream is already doomed to complete and utter failure. You are only wishing this because 1. You know this can never happen to you and 2. You are extremely jealous of someone who really does stand a chance to be with Johnny (due to Karma).

    Stupid girl, Chenowhoever is already dating another guy on a serious basis; someone with far more power and pull in the industry. This is Tara's way of getting Johnny onto Glee and now, everything Johnny has ever dreamt of will backfire. Karma. Thank you for proving to Johnny and the world who you are jealous of and who you hate, German. God, you fall for every trap, don't you?

  12. http://twitter.com/JohnnyGWeir/status/26787078874

    Yes it did, didn't it? Wonder why. Was it something you said just before it broke? Ever watch Practical Magic? When you say or post something out of pure meaness in order to break someone's heart and the Universe is not in agreement with your actions (in other words, what you did was very mean and the lowest of lows), you can expect things all around you to break now until you make equal amends IN PERSON to the one you wrongfully injured and hurt.......a twin soul, someone who loves and supports you with all their heart but never asked for or got anything back in return. Things all around you and people like Kelly and Cheno will break suddenly now until Karma is restored in full and to the benefit of the right receipient who is your twin soul.

    This is what happens when you break your twin souls' heart out of misplaced spite and pure meaness, Johnny. Don't go there. A zomboni isn't the only thing that can break. Because of your meaness and cruelty, your twin soul will now rise and shine brighter than any star in the galaxy and everyone will call you a fool, Johnny. Do you have any idea the Karma you set in motion?

  13. I don't know anything about a twin soul, but I do think those postings were cruel and below the belt; even by Johnny's standards. It shows bad form. I'm seriously considering and thinking about withdrawing my support and letting the dominoes fall where they may.

    Once the competition is removed, so too will be the "affections" for Johnny from his friends. In fact, I think it's time for each of these gurls to show that they really, really care for Johnny. I think each of them should work around the clock on Johnny's behalf. Let them make phone calls. Let them send out letters. Let them argue and negotiate on Johnny's behalf. Let them speak up and encourage others to promote Johnny. Let them buy flowers, cupcakes, make posters, place banners in the arenas. Let them make phone calls and request organizations to honor Johnny with an award and let him be a guest speaker. Let them buy tickets to all of Johnny's shows and encourage others to attend. Let them wait in a long line after a long and tiresome drive just to get a hug or kiss and see him. Never again.

    If this is Tara's way of hurting or getting back at a certain someone; important people know about this and are not smiling.

  14. Anonymous 3:02 am, interesting you should post that issue about the zamboni breaking down after Johnny made his post, because Tara lost her Sprint service a little later between about 12-midnight to about 12:30 am and I don't know if she has service now, but still it's like her phone broke down in an area where she should have had constant, uninterrupted service. So yeah, I believe in what you're saying. I now believe that Tara was behind Johnny's posts. Some people never learn. Karma means injury for injury, heartbreak for heartbreak and hurt for hurt.

  15. Johnny calls Kristin a singer? Bullocks. I know plenty of singers who can sing her down to the mat and underneath it anyday. Johnny isn't exactly an "on-key" singer and doesn't really have much of an ear so I wouldn't call his statement a compliment. More like an opinion. A biased one courtesy of Yente.

  16. Just for the record, the only intent of my twitter to Christin Chenoweth was my wish for her to get to see the Bolschoi.A wish from my deepest heart. Nothing more nothing less.

    Please, keep me out of your hate tirades.

    Best wishes

  17. From another post:

    Anonymous 10:09 am, you are so ugly. Not that's it any of your personal business, but I don't masterbate to any of Johnny's images. I have no desire to. But thank you for admitting that you do. It warms the cockels of my heart. Don't believe my little group is what I describe it to be? That's your problem, not mine. I see I hit several nerves. You waste time hunting around here of all places to search for posts and then accuse me of posting them all. That mental process only proves that you are in serious need of, I don't know, maybe an EXORCISM at this point. Johnny Weir calling the police on me would be like Johnny calling the police on someone who works with police. All I've done is call you out, specifically, on this sick need you have to control everything about Johnny (crazy). Who are you to tell me or anyone not to speak or say his name. See, there you go again trying to control Johnny and his life (crazy).

    As for law enforcement, I hate to tell you this but they're watching you and I as we post this. The object of your extreme and unfounded hatred and ill-will (the other female you mentioned above from the other posts) I just found out she has been contacted by law enforcement agencies asking her if she needs a bodyguard and 24 hour security protection from Johnny's crazed fans LIKE YOU. Trufax. They know who you are. They've read your twitter DMs and emails concerning her and they've located her asking HER if SHE needs or requires any protection. The FBI knows about the DMs and emails you and a few others post to Johnny, Tara and their associates (trying to stir the pot and destroy the relationship between Johnny and this one female fan in particular; who, by the way, Johnny LOVES and RESPECTS with all his heart and bears no ill will towards). Shame.

    Run along, now, and call on your twitter friends to come here and bat for you as if its going to help strengthen your situation.

  18. Germansoulmate? Oh so someone was right. You're at it again. You are one of those self-select elitists on a "hate tirade", as you call it. No, your post was for both Johnny and Kristin together, insinuating that they are a couple. If they are, fine. I know they're not, but anyway I'm growing tired of how you choose to rub someone's nose in it. Hateful.

    LOL. That's ok, germansoulmate. I am so laughing at your demise. Go ahead. Waste your time. When you see (and you WILL see her, she now has full support) the object of your unfounded hatred and ill-will bedazzled on the red carpet, you and a select few who dare to think otherwise about a certain female are going to literally feel like you've just been screwed by an elephants' penis ROTFLMFAO!

    Consider and please watch "Ever After" and look to the part when Drew's character arrives to the mask ball dressed as an Angel. This particular female WILL BE and WILL SHOW. The rest of you pigeons are going to be squawking, "Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

  19. I sure hope Misfit Binky Stinky Pinky Mimes jumps in here at some point with a 987 page tirade defending the latest Twittergate. She doesn't know who she wants to fuck more, Johnny or TunaTara.

  20. You need a reality check, anon 10.9.10 12:18 P.M. Ever After was a fairy tale. The only Drew there'll ever be for Johnny is DREW MEEKINS Drew!

    In Prince Johnny Weir's reality, Danielle, Marguerite, Jacqline, their mom, and all the other ladies would end up holding their asses in despair while he galloped off with Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was a magnificent, accomplished artist occupying the top slot in the art world, he was the most famous person on the continent, and he had a DICK: all the things Johnny Weir currently requires for a hot romance.

  21. Yenta needs one of those high calorie Starbucks drinks like Johnny needs more tacky furs. Yes to whoever observed that her cooch is in permenent stink mode. It's nasty to observe that but I get the feeeling you are 100% correct.

  22. Anonymous said...I sure hope Misfit Binky Stinky Pinky Mimes jumps in here at some point with a 987 page tirade defending the latest Twittergate. She doesn't know who she wants to fuck more, Johnny or TunaTara. October 10, 2010 12:06 AM

    I think she already has.

  23. michael said...You need a reality check, anon 10.9.10 12:18 P.M. Ever After was a fairy tale. The only Drew there'll ever be for Johnny is DREW MEEKINS Drew! In Prince Johnny Weir's reality, Danielle, Marguerite, Jacqline, their mom, and all the other ladies would end up holding their asses in despair while he galloped off with Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci was a magnificent, accomplished artist occupying the top slot in the art world, he was the most famous person on the continent, and he had a DICK: all the things Johnny Weir currently requires for a hot romance. October 10, 2010 7:51 AM

    Drew Meekins is so yesterday and done. I love how D.Meekins flatters himself today by thinking he and Johnny will do it again LMAO. To Meekins I say don't hold your breath. Who died and made YOU the author of Johnny Weir's reality? Leonardo wasn't THE only famous person in the world at that time and Johnny doesn't currently own or occupy THE top slot in the art world. He SHARES this spot with others; which makes Johnny intelligent and you are obviously not.

    Good luck with riding off into the sunset with Johnny, boyz. *rollseyes*

  24. Anonymous said...Yenta needs one of those high calorie Starbucks drinks like Johnny needs more tacky furs. Yes to whoever observed that her cooch is in permenent stink mode. It's nasty to observe that but I get the feeeling you are 100% correct. October 10, 2010 2:23 PM

    A simple water and vinegar douche every month and watching what she eats and her pill intake will work wonders.

  25. Could someone please inform Johnny Weir if he's going to take Kristin to the Bolshoi, he will have to take her wealthy boyfriend/fiance Robert Watman along for the ride. Also, Robert and Kristin will require their own private balcony; sans Johnny.


    Does Johnny realize how sad and weird he sounds seriously flirting with someone who is already taken? So yeah, the idea that Johnny posted that to get another girls' reaction or make another girl jealous fits! I'll drink to that!

  26. Ummm,I think Johnny was just having fun with Kristen. No real intent. Don't you ever have fun, playful conversations with your friends like that? It's Twitter, not the JFK assassination plot theory.

  27. To whoever is posting these endless tirades about Johnny flirting with this person or that, please stop. Johnny is not interested in girls; he is gay. I would suggest you avoid reading his Twitters if they upset you so much.

    The comments posted against Johnny's agent are disgusting and low-class. I don't care for her style but obviously Johnny does, so if you don't like it, walk away!

  28. "Anonycat said...To whoever is posting these endless tirades about Johnny flirting with this person or that, please stop. Johnny is not interested in girls; he is gay. I would suggest you avoid reading his Twitters if they upset you so much."

    Pardon, but he is interested, so YOU stop. You are not in the loop no matter what Justin and HIS gay friends tell you. I suggest you and other fans like you stop ordering Johnny's life for him. The moment I and others who know otherwise SEE Johnny give oral pleasure to another man's penis is when we will believe Johnny is gay. Until that day, STOP trying to design and live the very limited life you and others have planned and chosen and want Johnny to live. Johnny is NOT your sole experiment in progress. He is NOT your lab-rat. FYI, the song he posted following a special request involving a leap of faith was spot on.

    "The comments posted against Johnny's agent are disgusting and low-class. I don't care for her style but obviously Johnny does October 14, 2010 12:46 PM"

    If the comments are honest then what's it to you? I think it's interesting and sad how you and some of Johnny's fans don't care about his agent's hygiene; while I and others who do care are bashed for it. Bad b.o. inspite of cleaning and healthy eating habits is a sign of an internal problem and Tara needs to see a doctor right away, fool. I and others also love the way you and some other fans brown-nose your way into hers, Justin's, the dingles, Eric's and Joey's affections; obviously trying very hard to be with the "in-crowd". I wonder if you know how ridiculous you all appear to the rest of us who know otherwise.

    "If you don't like it, walk away!": Spoken like a fan who fears she and others like her will lose something they never really had in the first place: CONTROL.

  29. Good post, Anonymous Oct 16 9:33am. That song he posted was on target. It doesn't matter to Johnny how the other fans or his friends or his agent took it, so long as the intended twitter-reader got the message. And Johnny no doubt got a beautiful message in return (the one JEKitten referred to as best looked upon as a spectator sport; JEKitt, it's none of your business. You=no class and ugly). I wish the people within his immediate circle would finally get it.

    I'm sad only because it appears that Eric (who is friends it seems with all the wrong fans) is using a charity event to throw a Halloween ball; so he can invite all the pretty maids in the land to the ball......but only the ones HE wants to invite; thereby again controlling and limiting Johnny's life and who gets to go to this mask and possibly hang with Johnny (excuse me, charity event???). Can't help but wonder if he got the inspiration to hold this Halloween mask ball by reading these posts (Ever After?).

    Bad form to read these posts and not invite THE ONE to the ball, Eric. Very bad form. Very EVIL and crass. Very wrong and bad, very, very bad Karma. Eric, the organization who will benefit from the proceeds wants you to invite the entire PUBLIC and has already requested that you do so; and not just invite your little group of "friends". And you wonder why the bed-bugs have crossed over into New Jersey, now. Bad Karma with more to come if the right and only one is refused entrance and admittance to your soire, Eric. Right must and will be put right; no matter what you do or how Frenchie manipulates you and the event for Mary's sake.

    Yes, I know.

  30. .....Christina....

  31. To the angry poster: I'm not in any loop and don't strive to be. I have a very full, dingle-less life, and just happen to be a fan of Johnny Weir. I don't like to see him bad-mouthed for personal reasons on public boards. Discussing his career choices and disagreeing with them is one thing, but attacking him, his associates, and his fans is another. While I appreciate the flexibility that AJ has in allowing any posts to appear on his page, I suggest that you post your thoughts on your own Web site, assuming you have one. Or get a Facebook page and post your comments there if you need an audience. You said that Facebook is for high-schoolers--but yet you come onto this site and post, then post again pretending to be someone responding to your original post. And you think this is not obvious?

    When I was younger, I got an occasional crush on a male celebrity I admired. I would perhaps send a fan letter or gift, and imagine how wonderful it would be if I met the guy. A lot of women do this, even as adults--it can be a lonely world out there, and we all dream of meeting a soul mate. But taking these kinds of fantasies to the extreme only causes emotional pain. When being a fan of someone is no longer fun, you need to move on. You might feel better if you direct your energies, talents, and so on to your own projects and ventures. Good luck finding your way.

  32. http://twitter.com/Galesunshine/status/28018717621

    I do. Johnny followed him first and it has nothing to do with GLBT. You're so into nit-picking and researching your facts, research who RM is connected to.

  33. slightly unnerved said.......Christina......Lorraine....October 16, 2010 10:20 AM

    To slightly unnerved and Anonycat:

    You are dead wrong and are standing on dangerous ground. Done some research and if you value your lives, I wouldn't go there if I were you. I understand you were in deep-seated anger and pain (and are insanely jealous of who Johnny Weir knows and likes) when you posted that and still are, but to go after that name when you obviously lack the guts and nerve to face and go after your true, intended target (I know you know) is absurd, insane and now thanks to your post, it just got dangerous for YOU and your friends. Don't go there, my friend, unless you want to know what it feels like to cook in a microwave oven (do you have a DEATH WISH? are you that insane?). I also understand someone stole some information from a university. It's all over the news. The F.B.I. is on the case and now they know who you are.....Frenchie....Mary Beth.....Alicia....and friends.....all connections.....on the internet and IRL......


  34. To Anonycat and unnerved, et al:

    "But taking these kinds of fantasies to the extreme only causes emotional pain."

    Whose emotion pain, Anonycat? Yours?......Frenchie?......Mary Beth?......Alicia?......your friends.....? Johnny can handle his own affairs and doesn't need you or any fan or friend to handle it for him. Johnny hasn't complained, so obviously he's handling things just fine. Anonycat, you have fought to be in the loop from day one and have built yourself up to that, yet you have NO REAL PERSONAL connection to Johnny and NO REAL PERSONAL reason to comment except in your fantasy. Who do you think you're fooling. If the bad postings upset you or you're angry just because someone doesn't fall down and worship Johnny as you do, then go elsewhere.

    I have researched "slightly unnerved" cowardly target (name), and no connection to Johnny Weir or any posts comes up in my search (IP address through various means). To go after someone who has no connection just because you lack courage to go after and face your intended target means you're sub-human. What is your purpose, now. Plainly, jealousy has driven you completely mad and because you are now connected to the stolen information, I'm afraid your lives will never be the same. I fear for you. Friends in the area and in the armed forces have your personal information too and are watching every move you make. Your texts, postings, direct messages, everything. And micro cameras are everywhere now (hidden in trees, bushes, disguised within walls); including ALL universities within the U.S. Are you trying to prove how stupid you are? Johnny nor his associates et al. will get involved or save you. You're on your own.

    And Frenchie? The object of your and your friends' hatred has celebrity followers/friends are on her side. They KNOW her good name in the industry and will stand by her and her good and honorable family. She is aware of what's going on & so is her family. You have no path.

    "When being a fan of someone is no longer fun, you need to move on. You might feel better if you direct your energies, talents, and so on to your own projects and ventures. Good luck finding your way."

    Anonycat, slightly unnerved and connections: I think its time someone followed their own advice for a change. Same to you.

  35. So are boosh, frenchie, alicia and others planning to hurt an innocent or destroy her personal info because they're insanely jealous of someone Johnny knows and likes (someone Johnny likes enough to initiate following a guy who is connected to someone who knows her). Is that the master plan. Oh, goodie. Wonder how they look in orange. If they dare follow thru with this, Johnny will not save them.

    Everytime any of yous try to change and falsify info about the name mentioned above by "slightly unnerved", a red flag gets placed by your name and social and authorities know who and where you are....Georgetown, NYC, Upper state ny, Stockholm, UK. Don't even go there.

    I know it's Halloween and all but can't you adopt a better hobby than digging your own grave?

  36. Know what would totes blow? If Eric throws this "charity" party and Johnny decides at the last minute not to attend or that he can't because of a schedule conflict. It would serve bsontwit, mag, frenchie, boosh, alicat, and the rest of their little high-school clique right. They should be attending because they support the charity for abused women, not to see or "hang" with Johnny.

    Notice how they played "BitterSweet Symphony" at QVC shoe event? Notice how Johnny left early and alicia and her friends were surprised? The street word is that French-er was trying to get in. Now, why do you think he left. IF Johnny happens to attend, it will be out of obligation or because Eric insisting with help from Tara and Joey (guilt trip).

  37. I heard that boosh was upset because she asked jwe to attend her bday party and he didn't. Neither did bw. After reading these posts, french and alicia hatched the Halloween party idea with boosh. French turned the idea over to ea. I think ea is unaware of the rest of the story. Or if he is aware of anything, he is only aware of their lies and fabrication. What would totes blow even better is if the one person these three do not want to attend the party attends anyway and blows everything out of the ocean.

  38. No one has told anyone that they cannot attend. Eric's just tightly controlling the "who" so I'm beginning to doubt that it's truly just about "charity". Obviously, Eric seems to be trying to make some kind of statement here.

    So I guess Eric really does have power and control over Johnny.

  39. I just want to say contrary to popular rumor started by da tres amigas de la troublemakers (boo-boo, french-not, and alice), ea hasn't uninvited anyone from attending. I hate when a few try to over-run the many by convincing people that they and they alone have the inside track, and that you will only get into the party by being their friend on Twitter, FB.

    ea isn't stupid. He knows of the person that these troublemakers are jealous of and he has stated that he WANTS the object of their hatred to attend. The innocent target of so much hatred will be working with an award winning artist soon, and that could only prove to benefit ea and his business. I know that she received an email as though it came from ea, but I bet it wasn't from him. The email stated that she was officially uninvited to attend. I think I know who sent it now.

  40. Can't help but notice how tm seems to constantly hook JWe up with girls who have a similiar name as KL. Coincidence? I think not. Wtf. Why doesn't she just make a call or email and be done with it. No one can take the place of the real thing, and JWe and KL are bound to hook up for real sooner or later. Noticed VW in the loop. Good. Maybe she can help JWe get better mgmt.

  41. Nice pic of Tara, Dave! Can't wait to go to Eric's party and hang out with her and Johnny!

    Yasmin's too cute!


  42. I know who Aunt Joyce is. Connected to tm, fsonline, fwsm. What a scam.

  43. Rachel said...Nice pic of Tara, Dave! Can't wait to go to Eric's party and hang out with her and Johnny! October 26, 2010 2:32 PM

    That's the whole purpose of the party, isn't it-a chance for tm to rub someone's nose in it-cause that's what she does best. That's all she knows. So glad I don't have to stick my nose up tm's hu-ha to hang with JWe. Enjoy while it lasts. :)

  44. http://www.starsstripesandskates.org/6.html

    Is this the same show ms kerrigan hosted only to be questioned later about where the proceeds from the tix sales really went? Is this the same org that sold tix by having it's sales agents promise buyers that the proceeds would go towards an education fund for the children of the deceased 9/11 victims but the proceeds were never given? I saw something about this on the news jw js.

  45. http://twitter.com/GermanSoulmate/status/28799565309

    i love how u think jwe's agenda revolves around u and chelly and how u two think he should act.

  46. Johnny's walking into a snake pit tonight. Danger. Two fans toting drugs. FJC.

  47. Hi, Rachel, if you see this! I texted you, but don't know if you got it (phone's acting up). I'll try tomorrow. You were so right about Yasmin and Adelina's programs!

    P.S. Have fun at that guy's party! Hope you bring up the rusty back yard barrel to Johnny again! Ha-ha! Don't ever let him live that down! Keep insisting you're emotionally scarred for life!

    Love you!


  48. Anonymous 4:47pm, looks like french n boosh will have to fight that ugly piece of shit mike off who pounced on Johnny the moment he came in lol. Guess Mike thinks he's going to try some of Johnny's "COD" lol!

    friends with phones can text right? js

  49. couldn't help noticing camera guys for BGJW in sight on premises so what's the name of the charity again?

    eric never mentioned the benefactor of this function on his site so that direct contros could be made to this charity.

    anonymous 9:02 pm sounds like someone is playing the same game now as before.

    je suis disappoint

  50. french tried so hard to get n2 j's pants 2nite. french is chienne stupide. she got so angry when j left without her. could see flames comin out of her head. what did she expect. he ain't got nothin for her. tonite proved it. the call that came in was from popo.

  51. i know who's on jwe's mind 2nite. what idiot missed jwe using k's nickname and posting rite after he got home from da bash? r u blind?


    read tweets. nickname her mom done gave her. nebody wanna play clue?

  52. Now sick in the head frenchie is tellin boosh, alicia and others she danced with jwe. ROTFLMAO OMG gurl when does ur insanity end? Those meds u picked up at NYU med center r not workin for u.

    Did anybody not see that the film crew from BGJW was there filmin the whole thing? Trufax, IF jwe was dancin with anyone, especially a fan like you frenchie, they would catch it ON FILM cuz jwe dancin with anyone much less a fan IS news. Frenchie, u brag all the time that you are in good with Eric so I'm sure he could make an arrangement with the film crew to get a clip or a still. Ur lame excuse of u didn't take a pic cuz u were too busy dancin makes no sense. Other people including Eric at the bash had phones, too. Surely, one out of how many ? would have a pic IF this really happened. No clip, no still means it didn't happen except in ur drug-messed-up head.

    No gurl, while u did approach jwe and rub ur skanky, smelly self all over him and begged for a dance, jwe left earlier than u wanted him to, right after u asked, and this made u madder than hell so now u r tryin out of stupid desperation to save ur face.

    chienne stupide.

  53. *popcorn*

    i can't wait for boosh to wise up and put a can of whoop-ass on frenchie. no bro for da ho.

  54. I think we now know who sent that threatening email to kl.


    tsk da ho with no balls.

  55. Anonymous said...Johnny let Maggie take a good grab & squeeze of his ass in front of everybody. She's in ecstasy. October 29, 2010 11:29 AM

    that "good grab" was quicker than mag's sex romps if any with her hubs and mag bragged to more people than who saw it ROTFLMAO! lol mag did that without jwe's ok of it. that was another reason why jwe left early. 1 dollah! Do I hear 1 dollah! .50 cent? a quarter? a dime? a penny? a half-penny?


    no, chienne stupide. jwe's face is more like "who is this LOSER who's stalking me and coming to everywhere I go and why is she dressed like this as if she's gonna get some LMAO." So tell us plz why jwe would evan waste his SPIT on lickin urs and boosh's pasty pussys? U 2 r nothin but a couple of po man's skanks. Do I hear $50! Oh, 1 dollah for both? ok, SOLD!

    And as for boosh getting herself ready for jwe's "jam" or "jelly"; the post was viewed and screened saved, french idiot, b4 you "protected" so TOO LATE. I know who ur boss is and Im sharing that among other info.

    For the record, jwe was "very disappointed" and sad about what u guys did.

  56. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs911.snc4/72442_10150311461240045_517015044_15548587_1853885_n.jpg

    Frenchie, I know u need new meds, now. Wtf do you mean by "cold light of day"????????? U r not fuckin with anyone's sick mind but urs and the stupid few who will lower themselves to believe ur shit. Stop ur cray bs. That pic was taken inside Eric's salon and Johnny was home between 11:30 and midnight. He tweeted from a landline pc around midnite.

    I understand why u must lie about urself. Skanks like u tend to have NO SELF RESPECT or respect of others, but now u r calling Johnny into ur disease and calling him a liar, too?????

    Just setting the record straight for Johnny.

  57. i saw french, boosh and gf who wore a htpnk jack and who frenchie picked up at areoporto were lying in wait at park de bryant. later all three went uptown to hunt down cb to see where jwe is. now boosh claims she doesn't know where her luni wifey is lol they always know where the other is. these two crack me up with their bs and stupidity LMFAO.

    fyi i also noticed jwe in a hoodie. he rushed home unnoticed by his three SWF stalkers-boosh, french & their gf-and watched ice-skating on tv. jwe was there in plain sight and he dodged them like the plague. when are these skank bitches gonna to get it.

  58. Frenchie and lafemmeluna..................FRANCESCA.......................E.R.................I dare you and MBH to stalk and threaten the ones I love one more time.

    Answer: Go ask Alice.

  59. http://twitter.com/lovelyreally/status/29220639744

    julie i thought u were smart. she and MBH are under investigation for stolen fed prop and she has no real friendship with jw and she's not following u. why do u give her ur power.

    je suis disappoint

  60. They just dimmed the lights and some called out, "make-out party". Umm...20 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

    no chienne stupide. been reported that you and other chienne stupide have been stalking jwe all day. i know what cbenz pad looks like so dont evan start w ur bs

  61. "I really don't appreciate getting stalked on the train. Really. Well, it is when I'm not being stalked by middle aged crays/drunkards on public transpo. 26 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter Motherfucking true!@lafemmeluna It's only stalking if the guy/girl isn't hot."

    no chienne stupide. that wasn't a cray/drunk. that was a plain-clothes detective wired w camera and audio. he wasn't stalking u. u r not worth his piss. he was watching u and others u were with making sure u got back to ur hood where u belong. MBH owes back taxes now because she and u are under investigation for stealing files from a state or two.

    ur actions tonight up and downtown looked suspicious. a friend of jwe saw this, acted on gut instinct and called a friend at metro, lucky for jwe, his family and close friends.

  62. What the HELL are these comments??

  63. jwe's new out is a safety dance. rumour has it tm dealed that if jwe accepted the award and posed for the mag she would support him for 2014 and not leak a pic or a vid. there was also a little pressure from jc and ea. i heard theres a film or pic out there with jwe in a compromising situation involving someone elses' penis. not fair cause jwe was drunk and stoned off his ass at time of pic. tm is doing this so abott and rippon can medal in 2014. like one guy asked-so how is your triple. even gays are hating this fluff now cause the focus and issue of importance with tm, jc, and ea (and some sex starved fans) appears to be jwe's sex life and sexuality which jwe can and will change at any time of HIS choosing (tm take note-the only one you're fooling is YOU). so stop the flamin bs already. get the show on the road.

  64. just so its clear to johnny's fans, rm is friends but not in love. rm made it clear in an interview that he's in love with his bf who is an investment broker (hello BIG MONEY) who he's been seeing for almost a year. sry jwe fans.

  65. nice fotoshop jc posted today. sad. jwe with his folks. someone said the pix was a yr old. jwe was in Ru when cp visited jc. truefax

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