Friday, October 15, 2010

This and That

Meryl Davis and Charlie White performed their new programs in Canton. The anticipation is building!

Alexandrov did the right thing and made Myzdrikova Mother Russia's alternate. China majorly screwed Wu Liufang by making her the alternate. Some of their veterans are not looking good. Jiang Yuyuan looked better 6-8 weeks ago and Deng Linlin does not look up to par. Amelia Racea is being designated the alternate after appearing to be in significant pain during podium training. This is a major blow to Romania, as she is one of their top gymnasts.

ABC formally announced Skating With The Stars today. The cast of celebrities and skaters will be revealed on November 2nd.

Here’s the ABC schedule through January:
Nov. 22
8-9: Dancing With the Stars
9-11: Skating With the Stars (premiere)
Nov. 29
8-9:30: Skating With the Stars
Nov. 30
9-10: No Ordinary Family (new time period premiere)
Dec. 6
8-9:30: Skating With the Stars
Dec. 13
8-9: Skating With the Stars
Dec. 20
8-9: Skating With the Stars
9-10: Castle (repeat)
10-11: Castle (repeat)
Dec. 21
8-9: Skating With the Stars (season finale)

Jay Clark posted a new UGA training video. He tweeted that beam has been rough lately, which explains why we see Ding and Nuccio training the event. Nuccio's twisted shoulder angle on her series is a sight to behold. It is our first shot of Tanella training and she looks about as fit as we'd expect.

Daisuke Takahashi news/training video:

Maxim Devyatovsky's floor during podium training

USAG interviewed the mens after podium training. Gymnastike also has a few videos up where Anne flirts with her favorite men (especially Horton.)

Chris Brooks
Chris Cameron
Steve Legendre
Danell Leyva
Paul Ruggeri
Brandon Wynn


  1. Who is the Gymdog at about 0:45-0:52 in the video?

  2. Patrascu is actually the alternate, according to the start list that was released today. Racea is competing.

  3. I stand corrected, the start lists were updated. Patrascu is in.

    I'm happy that Cairns made the roster for GBR.

  4. Nuccio's back handspring is wretched! Who taught her to do that? Hey, whatever works, I guess.

  5. I just don't want a Skating with the Stars. The "Stars" are going to make skating look bad because they have no clue how to skate. Canada has the right idea with hockey players.

  6. Yeah, I feel like Fox already tried Skating with the Stars and it flopped. Did Evan and Kristi's success on DWTS convince ABC it could do better? Then again, watered-down skating with washed-up celebs could be a fun hot mess. I'm envisioning John Zimmerman with Suzanne Sommers in a headbanger spin.

    On another note, does Daisuke have any endorsements with hair care products in Japan? If not his team should get on that. I'd think with that much hair combed to one side, it'd throw his center off in his jumps ;-)

  7. "Who is the Gymdog at about 0:45-0:52 in the video?"

    Laura Moffatt, freshman walk-on.

  8. Props to Jonathan for his socialist strategy; it will only spell dividends in longevity for the Pit Bull. Would rather have him pose naked in ESPN issues than Evan Lysacek.

    Now, if only the American women would each tone down their egotistical flailing about nonsense.