Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skate Canada Practice Videos

Adam Rippon is doing well this season.  He is reaching the level of becoming a threat, so it is time for Debbi Wilkes to cut him down and become ridiculously Pro Canada.  Never thought of Adam Rippon as lacking body line...

Nobunari Oda  

Jeremy Ten stopped shopping at Armani Exchange long enough to do a run-through.  

Artur Gachinski  

Mr. Starfish Hands  

The Kerrs  

Chock and Zuerlein's Cabaret  

The Drunken Pirate


  1. ADAM RIPPON. Lacks. Body line..? Ahahahahaha. Somebody's being willfully blind. The pumping back during crossovers, though, is a different story. Hope he lands that quad!

  2. Wow Debi must not be able stand Yu na as a skater because she has those feet that never points.


    I found the assignment of blame in the famous collision to be laughable. Again, the "lady doth protest too much methinks". It is the sign of an inferiority complex. And yes, Adam is a threat