Sunday, October 17, 2010

Worlds, Worlds, Worlds

An interview with the lovely and talented Martha Karolyi.

Nastia Liukin spoke to TV cameras with Snookie hair.

Gymnastike spoke with Mattie Larson about messing up on floor.

Alicia spoke about her dramatic ideas for her new floor routine.

The most personality you will ever see from Rebecca Bross. Once again, Macko and Becca remind us that this is prelims.

Resultados after the sessions that matter. Team, AA

Bridget Sloan needs to keep her butt squeezed throughout her bar routine.

Beth Tweddle was interviewed by Gymnastike.

Lauren Mitchell after prelims.

Bross' bars from prelims:

He Kexin's HBIC bar routine. God bless those flat hips!

Huang Qiushuang on bars

The lovely Ana Porgras on floor, accompanied by Shoshtakovich.

Alicia Sacramone- Vault 1

Alicia Sacramone- Vault 2

Alicia Sacramone- Beam

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  1. Aly Reisman is in floor finals...YIKES! Is team USA that lacking in artistry+difficulty???? Can't wait for Finals & AA!

  2. I cringed when Martha singled out Mattie's fall as the only mistake the team made that day. So harsh!

  3. LOL at Bridget's butt-squeezing comment. Coaches must say that to their gymnasts hundreds of times week in the gym, but I'm they they probably think they have the sense not to repeat it to the media.

  4. Thanks for all the Worlds coverage - it's great!

    Ana Porgras' floor choreography is just lovely! Such a contrast to the typical Romanian floor style. Has she taken a lot more ballet than the Romanians usually do?

  5. Forgot to add that I also like the way Porgras doesn't inch back into the very back of the corner and still manages to stay in bounds.

  6. omg, you weren't kidding about Nastia's Snookie hair! lmao

  7. I love how people find it harsh that Martha pointed out the obvious. There is a real problem in American culture where people are not free to be honest or up front about everything. There is such an inflation of egos. Look at how they have to inflate scores for rich celebs on DWTS versus how they score in every other country. Grades are inflated in schools. Too much political correctness and euphemisms.

    Mattie fucked up and it was a big one because she had the ability to do well in finals. Girl choked and many people predicted it would happen. She certainly didn't win either camp after a solid showing at Nationals.

  8. When are the 3 members for each event announced? 24-hrs prior to the Tuesday. Vault: Alicia, Aly, Mattie. Bars: Bross, Sloan, Macko. Beam: Bross, Alicia, Aly. Floor: Bross, Aly...and 3rd????? Give it to the prettier gymnast to watch (Mattie) though she choked OR to the sub-par Sloan?? Maybe throw us all for a loop and let Chelsie Davis compete....

  9. Glad to see Bridget is back to her old, pale self. Tanning was not for her.

  10. Bross' bar routine was a little disappointing. She wasn't as aggressive as she usually is, though I did like that the routine wasn't as choppy. But she overarched a couple of handstands, or nearly did, can't really tell for sure with the angle. I think they've all been training with Martha too long.

    Ana Porgras' floor routine, while much prettier than the rest of the field, still isn't much to brag about choreography-wise.