Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This and That

An update on our favorites from Canton. Marlie Mania!

A video of the Florida Gators training. Amy Ferguson is the blonde who is looking awesome. Randy Stageberg is still struggling. She loses her skills if she gains an extra pound of two and is still working to get everything back. She performs the front through to double pike. Alaina Johnson is looking amazing, as is Ashanee. Marissa King's return from injury is on track. This is the second time the video was uploaded to youtube because Rhonda was not liking the Cirque shit in the background.

It is time for Fantasy Skating! Down with Gaysian Attorney! Gaysian Attorney = The Falling Leaves. (Obvious Kwan reference, even more obviously gaysian.)

Nastia Liukin announced that she is leaning toward a comeback.

GAGE is closing its doors after more financial trouble. Al is accused of some shadiness. They are currently looking for new rental space.

Jeremy Abbott is wearing last season's pair of boots due to all of the equipment issues he's been having. He hopes the right the situation after this weekend's NHK Trophy.

The BBC profile Shawn Johnson's comeback:

The Ice Network broadcast schedule for NHK:
riday, Oct. 22

2 a.m. - Short dance
4:05 a.m. - Pairs short program
6:05 a.m. - Ladies short program
11:20 p.m. - Men's short program

Saturday, Oct. 23

1:30 a.m. - Free dance
3:35 a.m. - Pairs free skate
5:30 a.m. - Ladies free skate
11 p.m. - Men's free skate


  1. Geez, Nastia, just decide already. This is getting old.

  2. If you're gonna challenge me, at the very least I deserve a label!

  3. Harsh but true. If you want to present yourself as a style icon, you should get - or buy - some ... style.

  4. Ugh, the BBC thing is annoying on so many levels. In the interview her parents act like they're dealing with a child overcoming cancer or something, and Shawn is obnoxious with her "it's so lonely" talk. I admire someone working on a comeback, but get over yourself, it's for (repeated) personal glory, not a hardship. Geeze.

  5. I thought the BBC was appropriately touching and heart warming. I disagree that they were being over dramatic. They weren't that dramatic, its not as if they were sobbing up there or something. They were just pointing out how tough it is to watch your daughter do something you're scared could destroy her if she fails. I doubt anyone would be all sunshine in roses. And Shawn was talking about the "its so lonely" with a smile for goodness sake. I think your read way too much into, but it was a sports fluff piece meant to be a bit dramtic the way the BBC depicted it. Give'em a break.

  6. Yeah. Stop announcing that you're thinking about coming back. Shit or get off the pot.

  7. I don't really blame Nastia... It's not like she had her agent call up the press to do a story on her thinking about a comeback... She was actually at Worlds and the reporters were continuously going up to her asking her questions. She was just being honest... She doesn't know... How could she? She's been on the road eating in restaurants all the time instead of training and eating healthy.

  8. I know BBC was trying to make it dramatic, but Shawn's annoying me already... "It's lonely,I can't watch TV." Last time I checked, she practices 4 hrs a day and doesn't go to school. She probably has more time to watch TV than most of us. It's not like the rest of us sit home and eat bonbons all day... Everyone's busy.

  9. double double off UBs into pit looked pretty respectable. Surprisingly so. So much for the "she will never get that back".

  10. I just watched Around the Gym and wow, the poof thing HAS gotten larger.

  11. Shes actually training six hours a day now, and has conditioning on top of that in addition to all the things she has to do for her "brand" its not quite as easy as you make it sound. And come on, it is hard being left behind when all your friends go off to college and living with your parents after 18 has a bit of a stigma attached to it. Shes fighting for a dream she has little chance of getting. Its harder than anything most people ever do.

  12. I don't think anyone is saying it's easy, but obviously if she or anyone wants to come back you have to set other things aside.

    Including your "brand".

  13. Clearly, but that wasn't a clip made for people who know that. It was made for the general public to spark interest in the 2012 Olympics. I think it was effective.

  14. Cheeeeesy, BBC. And their talk of going to a second Olympics being "almost unheard of". Not the usual, yes, but far from being almost unheard of.