Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mother Russia Master Theatre

Aliya Mustafina an Mother Russia lead prelims at Worlds. It was clearly just part of the plan to look like utter shit during podium training.

Mustafina leads the AA over Rebecca Bross and stuck her Amanar and brand knew Khorkintosh vault. She could very well be the bitch who keeps Alicia Sacramone from becoming World Vault Champion.

Tatiana Nabieva will join Aliya in AA Finals because Ksenia Afanasyeva earned a bar score typically seen by a Parkette at a zone meet. Nabieva hit bars but will not be a finalist.

The Americans had a very solid day but find themselves in third, just a tenth behind China. Mattie Larson missed floor and will not make floor finals.

Bridget Sloan actually proved to be worthwhile by hitting bars. Martha will have to choose between Mattie and Sloan for the third spot on floor during team finals. Martha will be white knuckling it in the stands.

Other USA Prelims routines in leos I'm adoring:
Macko Caquatto on bars
Rebecca Bross on beam
Aly Raisman on floor

USAG Interviewed the girls after the meet. They clearly provide the girls with Fox Neews Talking Points. "This is only prelims, this is only prelims, this is only prelims..."
Rebecca Bross
Macko Caquatto
Mattie Larson
Aly Raisman
Bridget Sloan

Beth Tweddle will also not be a floor finalist. Glory to God in the highest. And peace to His people on Earth. Lord God, heavenly king, almighty God and Father. We worship you, we give you thanks, we praise you for your glory.

Huang Qiushuang looks to be a favorite for a medal on bars. We can only hope she pushes Beth off the rostrum. Did I say push? I meant SHOVE.

Ana Porgras is still the favorite for gold on beam:


  1. "Did I say push? I meant SHOVE."

    LOL! Your comments are the best.

  2. I can't believe that Raisman only does a simple full turn on floor. Sad from someone competing at the highest level!

  3. Porgras and Bross actually tied on beam, though Porgras is ranked first. Hoping, hoping, hoping, Porgras can nail that dismount in finals. Bross as beam champ (or Deng) would be...anticlimactic.

  4. Didn't Khorkina always sit on a mat and eat bonbons (well not really unless they were bonbons made out of air) and then always rock it out in competitions. In any case I'm excited that Mustafina was the first gymnast since Lily Podkapayva to make four event finals. AND she got a skill named after her. Not bad for a day's work.

    US girlies videos are no longer on youtube.

  5. The Russian team purposely under-rotated tumbling passes during podium training to inject intrigue into the all-ready bitchy superpower showdown between them and China, USA, Romania, UK, Australia.

  6. "Fox News Talking Points"

    HAHA!! Some of their facial expressions go a little further than their rehearsed responses do:

    Mattie is sulking a little, Bross wants to pull a prank on someone back at the hotel, Macko still wants to cry, Aly is brushing her shoulders off, ASac wants to go rub her thighs some more, Bridget is still sweating a bit.

    And Marta is so fake in her interview with Anne, ugh!! Reminds me of my bitchy voice faculty during college with their snooty attitude and fake smiles while giving backhanded compliments!!

  7. To be honest, I'd gladly take Beth Tweddle over Izbasa's awful new floor music and choreography.

  8. I can not believe that Raisman qualified for the floor finals. SUCH a travesty that Mattie fell in qualification.

  9. I'm really thrown by alot of the mistakes and results..but Mattie the most..cant believe she didnt make fx or aa. Who'd have thought Raisman would beat her at both..and bars..

  10. "I'm excited that Mustafina was the first gymnast since Lily Podkapayva to make four event finals."

    Khorkina made all 4 in 1997.

    USA is looking pretty good, I think it's possible Mattie and Bridget could be doing FX in TF, and Bross sits out.

  11. "Khorkina made all 4 in 1997."

    Sure, but only because Arkayev pulled Bakhtina and Kuznetsova from floor finals. Having two of your teammates pulled from finals so that you can compete isn't all that remarkable, unless I am interpreting the scores wrong.