Wednesday, October 6, 2010

French Masters' Vids Part Deux

Florent Amodio's Short Program:

Brian Joubert's Short Program:

Alban Preaubert's Short Program:


  1. how are they skating to the same music? yikes. florent's circular ftwk kicked brian's ass, and i say this even though i think this is a pretty decent program for brian.

  2. I was thinking how weird that they are skating to the same music. I don't like Brian's skating and I really enjoy Florent but Brian has the overall better program with generic footwork which doesn't usually happens. This time in a long time Brian doesn't have a silly program. Thanks to NM there is nothing in Florent's program but jumps, spins and footwork. Why does NM have such watered down short programs for his skaters.

  3. I can't believe they chose the same music!
    What is sad is that I think Amodio should change his because his footwork looks like Plushenko on speed! Brian actually does a better job here...

  4. Brian's program was actually really good. The footwork and chreo are very different for him and he skated it really well. I hope this can be a great year for him. way to go!