Saturday, October 9, 2010

This and That

Team USA leaves for the Netherlands today. Alicia Sacramone is quite excited about leaving the ranch behind.

Queen Nastia tweeted that she is sending videos and emails of her training to her dad and is being coached via the web. God Bless technology. (Way to wait until he left town. Coincidence much?)

Jonathan Cassar's short program at the Finlandia Trophy.

Rockne Brubaker told Universal Sports about his progress with partner Mary Beth Marley.

Belgosto discussed their long distant partnership with Icenetwork.

The Gymnastics Examiner interviewed Anna Li.

Lauren Mitchell tied Lori Strong's record of four gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. It is impressive and demonstrates that Mitchell is ready for Worlds, but it is important to note contextually that this year's field is no where near as deep as CWG fields past.

Richard Dornbush won gold at JGP Dresden by winning both the short and long programs. Christina Gao won silver behind Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. Gao is most pleased with not receiving an edge call on her lutz.

The Hubbells had the highest TES score in the short dance at the Finlandia Trophy but they only had the fifth highest program components scores. Pechalat and Bouzart are en route to rack up another Senior B International title.

Finlandia Trophy Results

More Finalandia Videos:
Kristoffer Berntsson- SP
Samuel Contesti- SP
Grant Hochstein- SP
Kiira Korpi- SP
Alena Leonova- SP
Daisuke Murakami- SP
Pechalat and Bourzat- SD
Akiko Suzuki- SP

Blahtah's Bars Training Video:


  1. I just love Jonathan Cassar!!! It looks like something went wrong with his second spin. I wonder how many points he lost. Now if only he could learn a 3A..

  2. Akiko's SP is fantastic.

  3. Blahtah is missing handstands everywhere.

  4. Akiko Suzuki is fabulous.

  5. Anon @ 12:17 - you aren't kidding. I think I counted on one hand the number of proper handstands in that video. They need an OCD bar coach to fix these routines, stat!

  6. What are those things for that some gymnasts wear on their heels that look like sweatbands? Are they weights or guards or what?

  7. Yeah, there were maybe 3 bar routines in that whole video that should get out of the 9.7 range! It wasn't just the handstands either. Overall, everyone looked extremely sluggish. Its only October, but they have their work cut out for them on bars.