Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Men's Qualifying Update Brought to you by Margaret Thatcher

This is Margaret Thatcher filling in for Aunt Joyce with a brief update. With two subdivisions remaining, the USA men are in third. They trail second-place Japan by three points. China holds first, one point above Japan. The USA's J. Ho looks strong for the individual all-around, currently standing 3rd. Danell Leyva is in 10th. America should be proud of its all-bottom team and the resourcefulness it has shown.

I am gratified that the British men appear to be competing jolly well. They are in fourth and neck-and-neck with their American cousins. Our boys want a piece of the action in London. If it means taking down the young American bottoms, so be it.

Still to compete... The hairy Italians.





  1. Go USA bottom boys!!! BB FTW!!!

    You are too much, Thatch. You definitely one-upped Catty with that post. Kudos.

  2. You most certainly did - yay Margaret Thatcher! Go hairy Italians!

    And for the record, since he is the team leader, that makes JHo the power bottom.

  3. I dunno... I see JHo as much more the dominatrix-type. Like Margaret Cho's wussy dominatrix. "Come here, little girl, come here. HERE! Get down there... get DOWN!!! And don't come back up unless you're wearing a PUSSY MUSTACHE!"

  4. btw... is there a wikipedia entry for skatenastics? there fucking should be.