Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gym Dog Update

The core of this year's Gym Dog team is glaringly obvious. Gina Nuccio is back on beam, which could be good. Gina is a good competitor, but the coaches have always felt that she iffy on her series due to her natural shoulder angle. If you watch the clip of her series, the twisted shoulder angle is apparent.

Cassidy McComb is in better shape, but she still has that dump look to her beam work.

Kat Ding is looking fabulous and Ms. Worley looks to be assuming the role of Queen of the Beam.

Mauro is in shape and solid, as is Noel Couch.

Kaylan Earls looks ready to impact the team.

The coaches have yet to include clips of Tanella doing any actual gymnastics. This is rather telling, as the coaches use these videos to build buzz and reputation among fans, judges and recruits.


  1. i hope they fix(ed) Worley handstands on bars.

  2. Tanella and Breazeal ought to have their scholarships revoked. Breazeal because she is hopelessly out of her depth athletically. Tanella because she won't keep herself in shape to contribute and is a narcissistic, locker-room cancer.

    Won't happen, of course.

    (i) UGA don't want to burn bridges with mighty WOGA.

    (ii) Jay Clark Head Coach's position is too precarious to admit that Jay Clark Ace Recruiter goofed in signing two wastes of space.

  3. Narcissistic, locker-room cancer? Wow. Harsh. Curious as to how you came to this conclusion about Tanella? She seems to me to have a good rapport with the rest of the team. I like her, a very pretty gymnast with nice presentation. I'm still hopeful for her future, Georgia could really use her if she can get back to top form.

    Ah, Kati Breazeal, what to say, what to say. She has nice leaps on floor, good extension. Very pretty girl too...and if UCLA can keep Allison Taylor on scholarship then I think UGA can make some use of Kati somewhere.

  4. Tanella has had a rough start coming in "as larger than life" and built up so much you'd of thought she walked on water, well, that is how her parents presented her on the silver platter. This year has had an even rougher start than last year with her perfect parents almost divorcing and her mother's recent incarceration. Let's hope Tanella can shake it off. Narcissistic, yes, the apple came straight from the tree!!

  5. know an awful lot about the Tanella family. Divorce and incarceration? That's got to be hard on her, I almost don't blame her for not being in top form.