Thursday, October 14, 2010

This and That: Worlds Edition

Kohei Uchimura has an injured shoulder and is unlikely to compete All-Around. Gymnastics Coaching watched the men's podium training and noted that Japan is unlikely to challenge China for the team title. Marian Dragalescu struggled on floor in podium training and face planted a few double doubles.

North Korea is appealing their suspension, but they are unable to compete at Worlds while appealing. Their main concern is being allowed to take a full team to next year's world championships in order to qualify a full team for the Olympics.

The Gymnastics Examiner is watching China's workout today and has live updates. Jiang Yuyuan is back to performing her old floor routine.

Videos of China from yesterday's podium training:

Huang Qiushuang Beam

Jiang Yuyuan Beam

Wu Liufang Floor

Yang Yilin Beam

Yang Yilin Floor

Jiang Yuyuan Floor

And one from the landing of the rising sun:

Koko Tsurumi Vault


  1. Tsurumi is STILL only doing a Yurchenko full?

  2. Wow, Yang and Jiang are just shadows of their former selves. Yang is so big now! I wonder when Deng will finally hit her growth spurt...

  3. so weird seeing just a BHS-back tuck on beam at worlds. Im assuming that is not actually in her routine, right?

  4. I'm pretty sure she meant to connect the onodi into the bhs-back tuck. thats the combo she used at the '08 Olympics and '09 worlds (though she only somewhat connected it in prelims at worlds).

  5. it is a shame that Koko is not a better vaulter. I would much rather watch her then some of the shit that the Americans put out.

  6. Why hasn't someone taught Koko a 1.5 or DTY? She's not a legitimate AA threat (well, any other year but '09) with that FTY.

  7. JYY's 2.5 front layout was scary! The girl hasn't had much time recovering from injury has she.

  8. Yang Yilin's Rulfova on beam was GORGEOUS!

  9. Their asses are certainly big enough to do it, indeed.

  10. go watch some model show. This is a supposed to be a sport, man. Don't make me get all Laron Landry on you.