Friday, October 22, 2010

Paul Hamm To USOTC

Paul Hamm is officially training at the USOTC.  This is a big coup, as they were in need of a top gymnast. It also means that Paul is being supported heavily by USAG, as this is certainly a move influenced by politics.  Marinich is a good coach, but it doesn't take a genius to be able to coach Paul.


  1. Here's to hoping he can take us from 4th to the medals.

  2. Uhm, there was an ESPN article with comments from Paul about this like a week ago...

  3. dude it's been in some media for a while...

    What are you low on drama?

    Or just in some sort of afterglow from nailing Mattie Larson?

  4. Just imagine switching Cameron for Hamm on this past team.

    point for floor
    two points pommel
    two points for rings
    zero for vault
    one? for PB/HB?

    6ish points for team score. Puts us well over the Zhermans...if not quite at the Japan/China level.

  5. Totally missed the ESPN article somehow where he confirmed this.


    You don't do weekly google searches for "Paul Hamm" in news? Cripes...I even know that there is a Paul Hamm who is a colonel in the army...see him mentioned a lot.

  7. It's okay, AJ. I didn't know this news about Paul and thank you for sharing. Better late than never!

  8. USAG had an AP article posted on 12OCT on their website. Also Rick at GC covered it on the 13th. You just missed it somehow. Covering too wide a beat or something.