Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grand Prix Fever

For those who can't wait for next week, here's a video of Nobunari Oda training a killer combination at a recent regional competition in Japan. Nobu is known for good Grand Prix showings and then melting down and fizzling out as the season goes along. Getting a winning program out of Nobu during the season is like getting a table at the restaurant, your best bet is before 5:30.


  1. Maybe because last season was too important for quads because it was the Olympic season he will do some this season as this indicates he can do them.

  2. Loved his Chaplin program last year - but yeah, each time he did it during the season it got worse and worse culminating with his Olympics meltdown.

    He's like a film actor who gives a great performance in the first take but loses the emotional connection to the material in subsequent takes.

  3. I agree.. I loved the Chaplin program the first time I saw it last year, but it never had the same emotional spark in subsequent performances.

    He's an insane jumper, but then he'll get in the competition and single everything. I just chalk it up to him still being relatively inexperienced.

  4. I still can't believe a guy this good didn't make it to the long program at Worlds last year! Glad he's back doing well.