Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This and That

Sandra Izbasa is claiming that she doesn't care about the medals. She is only concerned with the team and how her new floor routine will be received.

Yu-Na Kim was interviewed by Lifeskate at the WSF Awards Dinner. Her English is painful.

Paul Hamm is watching Worlds intently. Lord knows USAG needs to kiss his freckled ass.

2010 Worlds TV and Webcast Schedule

Behind The Scenes video from Champs Camp.

Alexander Alexandrov told a Russian newspaper that Aliya Mustafina is high maintenance in the gym. She is stubborn and prone to tears. He says she has a difficult character, but that you don't find much complacency among champions.

Katia Gordeeva is entrancing all of us on Battle of the Blades and is making us all fall in love with her again. I don't just want to fall for her again. She is making me want her to steal Valeri Bure from DJ Tanner and write My Valeri.

Man I love this woman.

If you read Jamie Sale's twitter, you'll know that she is oddly obsessed with her partner.

Shae-Lynne Bourne on Battle of the Blades

And the always sexy Tuffy Hough:


  1. Ugh I love Shae-Lynn and her Bumpit.

  2. Jamie Sale is strange and annoying. Gordeeva is gorgeous, even with a hockey player.

    Black and white leo is a new look for the Romanians!

  3. It's weird because Yuna's accent is pretty good, so you can sometimes forget that you have no idea what the fuck she's saying. I guess all she cares about is that she's better than Mao.

  4. Those hockey players skate with more grace than most of the American pair guys.

  5. AJ says, "Her English is painful."

    Well... perhaps that's because her native language is not English, because she is not a language expert specializing in English, and because she only have lived in English speaking countries for only four years. Here she is at least making a conscious effort not to use translators for the English-speaking interviewer, and that's what you got for that? English is farmers' language. Are you playing a French AJ? Pathetic.

    How many languages do you speak other than English in the native level AJ? French? Spanish? Japanese? If you do, so what. You want a fucking candy?

    Is that a joke, mocking, or a typical display of arrogance coming from hopelessly self-centered dumb American, boosted with a gay vibe, what is it?

    This kind of cheap cynicism just makes me wanna puke. I can absolutely see this AJ guy going to non-English speaking countries and bitches about their not speaking English, like so many annoying and mind-bogglingly ignorant Americans out there.

  6. I speak Spanish and would kill for some Junior Mints right now.

  7. Have a mouthful. I know you feel you deserve it. Now I am giving you a standing O.

  8. Y'all need to c a l m down. She is quite monotone and awkward when she's being interviewed in English. It's not an attack, just a simple observation.

  9. @ Anon 11:06, I agree, her accent isn't bad at all. I think her pace is just a bit choppy and awkward.

  10. me gusta caramelos de mentas.

  11. yu na kim's english is horrible. she needs to take more conversational english lessons. she may have alot of endorsements but her speaking ability is far too boring. when she speaks it can put u to sleep

  12. Champs Camp video is cute.

    Yuna's english may be rough, but she looks beautiful and classy!

  13. If I had to speak in another language, I would have to constantly pause and translate the words in my head before speaking too. I think what Yu-na is doing is pretty normal.

  14. I thought her English is really good. I certainly wouldn't sound much better if someone interviewed me in English. And you can really tell that she quickly realises it when she made a mistake - but at that point it's mostly too late when you are speaking freely.

  15. @ Anon 3:45 AM above:

    C'mon now, really? Either your comment is brilliantly sarcastic humor or you need to seek professional help b/c you're delusional, not to mention a hateful racist.

    As for Yu-Na's English, I think it's better than a beginner's but still not good enough to conduct interviews solo, unless it's on the spot w/ no interpreters available (here, though, we see there was one).

    I remember that during the Olympics, on NBC and I think the New York Times, she said some introductory and parting comments in English, but the interviews were done thru interpreters. Her handlers are best advised to go back to that format until such time her English is good enough to not come across as "painful."

  16. The real reason it is painful is that she is monotone. It becomes difficult to hear what she's saying, which just adds to it.

  17. AJ, you are da Koward Biach. lol.

    Wherez yo Español? Bruja cobarde?

  18. Well, Yuna is doing good job. pretty good.

    It's really funny that Yuna is shit becuz of her English. If you learn Germany, after 4 years I would say you are really shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  19. I applaud her effort to conduct interviews in English! It's a great attempt. People underestimate how difficult it is to learn a different language, especially without formal training.

  20. yuna,

    if your reading this take more conversational english lessons after all your skating practices. also learn to speak with excitment. you are very boring when you speak.

  21. LOL that 11:46 anon is Jaws12345 from her forum. That isn't the first time Jaws used the "you want some candy" schtick. I shouldn't even remember that but considering how basic Jaws12345 argues on other forums, how can one forget? Basic bitch is basic.

    Them bots. Molesti sunt. In ignibus morite.

  22. I am Yuna fan.
    I think A few fans are overreacting to AJ's comment. Calm down.
    I apologize on behalf of them, AJ.

    p.s) The word order of Korean is the reverse of that of English. (For example, in korean, verb comes on the very end of sentence.)
    So Korean's learning English is much more difficult than American's learning Spanish(or the French's learning English etc.).

  23. To Anonymous(October 14, 2010 5:00 PM).
    First of all,
    Maobots need to learn how to write the correct English texts.
    Shame on Maobots. ROFL!
    No wonder All the Maobots are 100% pure Japanese.

  24. to norton
    you don't need to apologize.
    everybody can hate AJ as much as he hate yuna.

  25. Huh, I expected Bure to look all stiff and awkward next to her, but he's actually doing really well - good for him! And of course, you can't take your eyes off Katia. When they were handing out grace and charisma in '71, she may have got the whole year's quota. Damn, she is gorgeous to watch.

  26. To anon of 10:39

    It's fucking Latin, genius. Who said I was even a Maobot or Japanese? LOL at the bots who so closed into their little world revolving around Yu-na. I'd translate it for but you'd be too butthurt to continue with your day.

  27. OMG! I'm so disappointed with Aunt Joyce's absurd comment on Yuna's English. Shame on Joyce! Yuna made an excellent speech in United Nation in ENGLISH giving the message of peace to the world. Yuna made a great speech in ENGLISH thanking the donation of UNICEF, and encouraging people to help poor children more. You know what? In using language, just accent or pronunction is Not important at all. It is message that is really significant.
    In this respect, Yuna's using Enlish is a mile better than most people including native speaker, esp. you, Aunt Joyce. Your job has something to do with words,English. Your way of using English speaking ill of others groudlessly is really aubsurd and out of sense. Hope you learn Enligh from Yuna & other great people who can use langage in the best way.