Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exceptional Moment of Gay Judaism

Yentl was a girl who wanted to learn. She was born into a time when the world of study belonged only to men. But Yentl couldn't help herself. Her desire to learn was so great, that to satisfy herself inside, she pretended to be a man outside. So that all the things she wanted to be, he could be. Everything she wanted to know, HE could ask. Anything she wanted to learn, HE could study. And it all went perfectly until she fell in love....with him. And the girl he loved, fell in love with her.

And the infamous Mike Wallace interview. (Sadly, the complete segment is no longer on youtube.)


  1. riveting exchange between Babs and Mike, truly astounding, actually.

  2. i passed by mike at his building, near the elevator, back in the day and gasped. not the same kinda gasp when i encountered ivri lider, however.