Monday, August 2, 2010

This and That

The boys of the USOTC are posting training montages as they prepare for next week's VISA Championships. Tim McNeill will miss Nationals due to the recent death of his father.

Yankowskas and Coughlin won the short program and the free skate at the Indy Pair Challenge. They debuted their emotional new free skate to Ave Maria, which is a tribute to Coughlin's late mother.

Ashley Wagner scored 52+ and 100 and change Skate Wilmington this weekend. It is impressive that she's in this shape during the summer. Unfortunately, Wagner skated at about this level during last year's Grand Prix and never broke through to the next level. She also appeared strong at summer events last year.

Adopted daughter Felicia Zhang put herself on her ice and scored 80+ in the first outing of her new free skate.

Yu-Na Kim sang at a show in Korea lately. Song #1, Song #2

Universal Sports is gearing up for next week's VISA Championships. They recently spoke with Aly Raisman and Jonathan Horton.

My old high school is looking for a club team. Who knew that Chari Hunter had been the coach but stepped down?

Kimmie Meissner gave an interview about how her faith has helped her skating career. It is genuine and not nauseating (like listening to the Gym Dogs.)

Johnny Weir performed his Gaga shtick in Lake Placid recently. His single is scheduled to be released once a video is filmed. (Fans discussed this with Patti Weir, who confirmed the single being released after the video.) The video being filmed prior to the release of the single likely means it will be fabbed out in over-the-top diva splendor. It remains somewhat sad that Johnny isn't performing in grander productions. While Rudy Galindo was able to have quite the successful career being himself, Johnny is treading closely to novelty act territory.


  1. The Bratislava show was in April, genius.

  2. It is sad to see that a skater with so much talent and charisma is becoming such a laughingstock. He might pop up on Celebrity Rehab or the like in a year and then fade into a glittery oblivion.

  3. Yeah, see, this is why we so disdain you. Is it really so hard to cite your sources?

  4. What the hell is wrong with you all? News is out there for everybody to know--no one needs to credit where they found out that Felicia Zhang scored 80+. It happened. The numbers are out there. If you're angry about the YouTube videos, AJ never made a claim that he took these videos--he EMBEDDED them into the post, thereby linking back to the original upload. If you click on the video, you can clearly see that AJ did not take the videos, and he never even suggests that he did.

  5. As far as the videos are concerned, it's possible that he just did a YouTube search for LP stuff, so it's a little unfair to accuse AJ of stealing them.

  6. Not for a second did I think AJ was in Lake Placid recording. If he were, he would have said so. Personally, I'm glad he collects info for me to view in one site. I'm the lazy one, not AJ. ha ha

  7. Have you heard about mirais music choices yet?

  8. Yeah, he could've searched and found the videos, but he also took information about what Patti said from the post, and he wouldn't have found that somewhere else.

    It's good he's collecting info, but he should still say where he's collecting it from, it's not hard.

  9. Where in the post does it say something about a Patti??

  10. He didnt post any info from the post. By embedding the video he is giving the youtube channel views. Your just mad he made fun of Johnny. Btw, someone sent him the video link on formspring.

  11. Wah wah wah. Keep claiming that the anger comes from AJ making fun of Johnny rather than the fact that he acted in a shady manner. Eventually, I'm sure you'll start to make sense.

    FYI, while he doesn't specifically mention Patti, he directly quotes what was written in the post about Dirty Love. These words that were spoken, verbatim, BY Patti. He didn't even bother to alter the wording. Its surprisingly easy to notice something like this if you JUST read the post itself. Its even easier to notice if you were standing there, heard the words spoken, and reminded said poster about them being said. So, yeah, trying to help him cover his ass? Not quite working. *shrug*

    Also, the vids weren't posted in order to rack up views; as long as whoever saw them enjoyed them, the quantity of views doesn't matter. Believe it or not, some people actually AREN'T attention whores.

    AJ is entitled to his opinion and no one is saying otherwise. But there's a way to go about things and all he really had to do is cite his source for where he heard about when Johnny's single would be released, etc. Especially if that information is CONVENIENTLY posted along with the above videos. I don't see why that's so difficult to understand.

    Its pretty faulty for people to constantly rely on the excuse that fans are simply upset with AJ's criticism of Johnny and THAT'S why they dislike him (AJ). It might actually have to do with the way the man carries on.

    Your defense is cute but your argument is invalid. Troll harder.

  12. Why are online fans always annoying bitch losers? Everyone thinks ONTD is the land where losers roam who dont know anything about skating. If you troll harder, Revolucian has been tweeting about Dirty Love. AJ follows him. I have known AJ for nine yrs. He wouldnt purpisely steal. He reads a ton every am, is subscribed to hundreds of youtube channels. He bangs out the info and moves on. This is useless drama. Way for the new Weir fans to be tools again.

  13. Too bad the only way people can get their points across when attacking JOhnny and his fans is to 2)do it anonymously, and b)do it by insulting his fans as 'fat women', etc. Guess you didn't notice the not so fat women, the pretty young girls, the guys or the children. And if some of the women are 'fat', so freakin' what?

  14. Way too much of a coincidence that the videos and single info from that post both end up here so promptly. It's good etiquette to cite sources. However, it does amuse me to no end that AJ (or one of his minions) disses that site so much yet clearly lurks there.

  15. I called Dave. It was an oversight. He had spoken to Elkin abt the song but was linked to the post. Unintentional. He will fix it when he gets home.

  16. I don't read this blog religiously so I'm not as up to snuff as some of the others. I am inclined to agree with the above poster however in that I don't think a lot of the criticism that is being put on AJ has to do with sore Johnny fans who don't want him criticising him. I think that oversimplifies it. There are some wackos yes, but there are some really valid objections I've read that many people have.

    I couldn't give a hoot whether or not AJ says anything positive or negative in regards to Johnny. I do feel that some of his Johnny comments are wading into the territory of sounding a bit personally bitter though. It's like much of what he says is almost designed to "rile" Johnny up and inspire him to prove him wrong. So KOI is this weekend. Johnny's taken part in that and he's great friends with many of the participants. If Johnny wanted to be there..truly wanted to take part in this... he WOULD be there. I'd be more inclined to believe your Johnny is so sad and pathetic look how far he's fall line if he wasn't doing a 1000 exciting projects every week. He's doing a lot of modelling/photoshoots, interviews, writing a book, recording a video soon, he's collaborating with Shugesato in Japan on something, he's had his own Japanese book released already with another one in the works... he's got so many things on the go and many are apparently proving to be financially lucrative for him. I think these projects have made him more comfortable and not as eager to persue shows as he was in the past. AJ may feel it's sad to skate Lake Placid and of course he's entitled to his opinion but the hundreds of fans he drew to that secluded spot who waited around hours to meet him would surely disagree. Johnny is a draw and has proven with each "pathetic" show he's done this year that if he wants to skate big shows he could and would probably do a better job of putting butts in the seat than the majority on the bill. I'm sorry AJ, I'm just not going to feel sorry for Johnny right now. You're not going to convince me that he's someone to pity. If he's not doing KOI... HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE THERE.

    Perhaps that in itself is sad or pathetic or makes people want to take him and shake sense in to him, I don't know. I do know that he is entitled to not want to dedicate his future to skating, even if it's show skating no matter how much potential people think he has or how great people think he could be. He doesn't want to be skating all of the time right now and participating in every ice show there is right now. Deal with it. He's also seemingly really happy right now and seems to enjoy the element of being somewhat "normal" and hanging out at home, having fun with friends. Anytime he goes anywhere he tweets about how he can't wait to go back and be home again. He's enjoying his life and obviously doesn't feel like something's missing, and I don't think others have the right to feel that way FOR him.

    Yes AJ, you are entitled to your opinion. It does get frustrating when you don't seem to take other opinions or perspectives into account however. When you have a blog you do have to accept the fact that people are going to take issue with things you say or offer their insights. It doesn't mean every single one of those people are butthurt fans.

  17. Johnny Weir 'performed his Gaga shtick' because his fans like it and want to see it. He was going to retire 'Poker Face', but so many people wanted to see it, he decided to continue it for a little while at least.

    He performs in Lake Placid as a favor to Tara because of her association with the area (she trained there as an ice dancer, loves the area, etc.); and I don't know why you insist on continuing to trash him for doing these shows in his own country. The fans love them and him, the young skaters get to meet him, and he has a good time. If he was only doing shows overseas, you would probably be trashing him for doing that.

    And he already did 'Kings On Ice' this year with Plushenko.

    As far as Rudy Galindo, I was privileged to be able to see him win his 1996 U.S. title in person in San Jose. After a little time as a pro his numbers became caricatures and irritating. Maybe he turned it around after that, but comparing his career to Johnny's is not fair. For one thing, times are different now. There are far fewer opportunities out there for skaters, both pro and eligible, than there were ten to fifteen years ago when Galindo was at his peak.

    JOhnny is working his tail off this summer, it would be nice if the fact he is working and cares about his fans was appreciated as much as the opportunity to trash him at every turn is.

  18. You should see his formspring inbox. Peoe send him so many links to everything. He cant post on his blog on his phone. He used to text back sp fast it was scary. He is slow now. You know he would post on his blog and fix it by now if he could. Dave is so hyper like that.

  19. Dave has sent me soo many Johnny videos over the yrs. He does thinl je is lazy now but je was a fan for a long time. Even on here. Dave hates Tara and thinks she is a joke and told Elkin to internat MSG instead of Tara. He isnt mean. He is blunt luke his parents are with him.

  20. it's so funny when people bitch and moan and get worked up over a BLOG. I love it.

  21. Also, poor Tim McNeil. That is horrible news.

  22. @ The Dawn - I hope English isn't your first language.

  23. @Todd

    I don't think it's appropriate to judge people through your own ignorance.


    Also if you don't supply the proper credit for the information you post on a blog, you could be in violation of the United States and/or International Copyright Laws.

    Since I've been a casual observer of this blog, I've noticed that AJ has been guilty of violating a portion of these laws.

    Just some things to think about.

  24. Yu-Na is such a lovely, lovely woman.

  25. everyone loves poker face by johnny weir.

  26. I'm a bit confused. How can four international shows plus a smattering of local shows be a negative thing for anyone, let alone a guy who is not focusing solely on skating at the moment?

  27. You put it on YouTube; it's pretty much fair game for anyone to post. Are you new to the Internet?

  28. Hey everyone. I probably should've cited the post. I have known that the song was going to be released soon, but I did read the post where his mom said it would be released once a video is filmed. That is the part I didn't know. I follow Revolucian on twitter and if you know me, RuPaul's 'Supermodel' is my life---so I'm actually excited about the video. This could be ridiculous, in a good way. My friend who works for Tara did tell me last week that the song would be soon. When I do This and Thats, I tend to write down all of the bullet points on a piece of paper and I was in a rush this morning and didn't link everything. I've made sure to link Ice Network articles and almost every article I summarize. I've made an effort on that front. I don't think citing youtube videos is necessary by any means due to the embedding being the person's actual site, it links to the person's youtube channel, it gives them the views for the video and is exposure for them. Citing youtube videos isn't customary.

    It is somewhat of a shame that the online communities have to be so ugly. Alex Forrest and I actually spoke about just that and we think a lot of it has to do with OCD people being attracted to judged sports. It brings all sorts of added drama to already dramatic online communities.

    I had been linked to the post and the vids by two separate people from my formspring. I am lucky to have numerous people who send me links that appear in my formspring inbox and email inbox when I check in the morning. It is much appreciated.

    This and That is intended to be an amalgam of the news of the day, quick and concise. It isn't generally anything I get on my own---those tend to be in separate posts about specific topics (unless I otherwise state it.)

    I linked to the post.

    It is odd that it is always the same fans who get in a tizzy. I've been a Johnny supporter for a long time because I tend to like his style of skating, but I try not to be a blind fan of anyone out of principle.

  29. I am not a blind fan of anyone, but if you are a Johnny supporter you have a funny way of showing it.

    INteresting you made the comment 'it is odd that it is always the same fans who get in a tizzy'; because that's on both sides. A lot of the 'anonymous' email comments attacking or critiquing Johnny are from the same person because this person has been able to continuously get away with it on your blog. And the sad thing is they think they are fooling people.

  30. Lots of people attack Johnny all the time. Lots of people attack every skater. I was a Johnny supporter, but one needs to be realistic.

    As for people critiquing him, I know several people who comment and are real about him. It is hardly one person.

    The page long messages trying to explain Johnny's every whim would be funny, if they weren't scary. It almost misses the old days when the Johnny ubers just would get pissed if anyone suggested he was gay. This new breed of loons is too much.

    There are definite issues with how Johnny's pro career is going. As another skater's mother said, when the Lady Gaga and 15 mins are up, where will he be? He was intimidated by FIT, never took college courses (though he lived near UDel and even trained there), and has burned far too many bridges to ever work as a coach or choreographer with the USFSA. While he is interesting for a skater, it may not be enough to be a lasting media personality. As a show skater, one needs to work their tail off to get out in the big markets these days. Johnny himself whined on his show about having a hard time paying the bills.

    Most of my critiques aren't about Johnny, but rather his management. He needs a Galina to set him straight, not a hanger-on.

  31. OE: right on. And stop letting people goad you into explaining yourself and how you blog. There is absolutely no need to "post credits" when it comes to YouTube videos, because just one extra click of the mouse takes you to the YT page with all of the identifying information about the clip. Anyone who has done any serious blogging knows that.

    I can't agree with you more about Johnny needing a Galina in his life. He has too many around him who are just too impressed with his Being Johnny Weir. (This includes his much-venerated mother.) He needs someone who doesn't buy into his self-imposed dramas and will crack the whip when necessary. I formed this opinion solely by watching his reality show, FYI.

    I'm going to blogroll you. :)

  32. Olympic Effect- your points are well-stated but I think this is where some people are taking issue with your views. You're entitled to your opinions of course, it's your blog. Johnny has never ONCE stated that he wants a career in pro skating. Doing a few shows for fun this year with a routine that many have begged him to bring back isn't a crime and it doesn't mean he wants to continue doing this either. He has a lot of projects and avenues he's exploring and I can't believe for a second that you're privy to every single thing he's exploring. I know it's sad to come to grips with the fact that he may not be a show skater because you and many others feel he could be awesome at it if he really busted his ass. The potential is there. However I think you need to understand that he's never expressed that interest to really go in that direction beyond this year. Perhaps he may, but he may not and that IS his right. It doesn't make him a joke and worthless if that ends up being his decision. Yes in the past he's had financial struggles. Something tells me this year is different for him. He's done a shitload of photoshoots, and has lots of projects going on in Japan, his book deal.... I think it's safe to say money's ok for him right now.

    I realize your interest in him exists only in skating when he works hard and trains. That's fine. There are many who love him beyond that for the inspiration they feel he gives them. You feel he's a lazy famewhore with nothing beyond skating to offer. Again, that is your opinion but if it does turn out that Johnny decides his skating days are over aside from the odd show here and there then why bother continuing to write about him with nothing but trite condecension? What's the point? He's clearly moved beyond your interest scope, so move on. Stop posting about how pathetic he is, his choices, his laziness, the endless mistakes you feel he's made and continues to make in life and save yourself the grief of having to listen to some Johnny crazies, and some honestly sane, rational people who like and respect him and take issue with your posts. At this point they come off as harping on him and bitter.

    Yes, there are loons. Some who are making the rest of us wonder why they haven't been committed. Not everyone who likes and respects Johnny is that and you generalize too much. There are some that do feel Johnny has potential and talent to really offer something special in other fields and want to support him to see where he goes. Why must you make it seem like such a crime? He may do nothing. Again, that is HIS choice and decisions to make, not yours.

  33. Anonymous said...
    "Alex Forrest and I actually spoke about just that and we think a lot of it has to do with OCD people being attracted to judged sports. It brings all sorts of added drama to already dramatic online communities."

    Oh honey, no. If you think online figure skating communities are significantly more dramatic than your average online community, you haven't got the first clue about what real internet drama is.

  34. I post about Johnny as I post about all skaters, gymnasts, divers, etc who are relevant and topical. I snark on just about everyone, even posted my friend's joke about 'Fields of Bronze.'

    There are aspects of Johnny that do grate on people. He just told one of the heads of my skating club about how none of the USFSA or USOC watched his practices at the Olympics and that they were there to support everyone else. Did he forget that he spoke out against the USFSA's top judge during the games? While Inman wasn't on the panel, he is very influential in the USFSA's political dealings. Following the games, there has just been a wall of Johnnyified crap that is absurd and almost laughable. If you've read the blog for some time, you'll know that I've been a supporter and even taken heat for being one. The last time Johnny really got like this was post Torino (with regards to the fame whoring, hell he let the fame get to him IN Torino) and we all saw how fabulous the 2006-2007 season was.

    Masha---There is a specific type of behavior regarding a specific personality type in the gymnastics and skating world that is somewhat different than other forums. Even the moderators are controlling in a different manner.

  35. "There is a specific type of behavior regarding a specific personality type in the gymnastics and skating world that is somewhat different than other forums. Even the moderators are controlling in a different manner."

    Care to elaborate? I haven't seen anything here, on _skating, or the major figure skating forums that doesn't exist in other online communities I've been involved in and wasn't more pronounced and insane.

  36. Olympic Effect- (sorry, I'm the anon poster from 2 comments above- can't seem to post in another profile because the option isn't lettign me)again I agree with you to an extent.

    None of the sane, rational people who like Johnny argue that he's perfect or doesn't make mistakes. Perhaps your annoyance with those that do and send you messages all the time defending him to the death are grating on you to swing a little too extreme in the opposite direction? He's NOT perfect. He's got no filter, often doesn't think about what he says and the impact it will have and has made plenty of mistakes. What I do like is that he is the type to admit this and has done so repeatedly.

    No question that things got to his head post-olympics. It's sort of hard to see how it couldn't seeing as how people were stopping him on the street and telling him he was God (practically). It seems like he wasn't used to that adoration attention and most often just got hate in the past. I think though that things media-wise (your wall of "johnnyfied crap")have calmed down lately and he seems to honestly be spending more time laying low at home with friends then out gallavanting in search of media.

    When I think about what a goofball he can be and the things he's said in the past I do have admit that with all of the media and interviews he did this year he really did handle himself well. There weren't any major issues or things that reflected poorly on him (minus the tired "slore war" with Evan and Chelsea lately). In fact he seemed to really try to be classy and well-behaved and for someone like Johnny that's a big accomplishment.

    Maybe you feel his head is too big right now and you're the only one to assume the noble role of "knocking it down to size." However, he really isn't doing anything wrong. He's persuing projects that have come to him, and just trying to find his own path. You're acting like he's fucked up and there's really nothing that has convinved me that he has yet. While he may have a personality that evokes extreme reactions, you can't routinely string someone up based on that alone.

  37. WheresMyKoppy a.k.a. AuntInAz you are just as sad as Laura Linger. Don't start. You are one of the many examples of blind and obsessed fans. Leave Dave the fuck alone if you hate his blog.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. anon 8:20 and 8:48

    I think you are the same poster. Aren´t you?

    Finally a level-headed comment without any hate,offenses or accusations to either side of the equation. That have been very sincere responses which I agree completely with. Very eloquent.

    Edit: I believe I´m OCD regarding to any grammar or spelling mistakes I make. Sigh.

  40. Well, frankly, I hope Johnny skates and skates beautifully until well into his 60s, just as Baryshnikov is still dancing occasionally. If he doesn't do that, or even if he does, I wish him all the best there is in every single one of his endeavors. Why not? Why should I or anyone wish him any ill?

    I just love how so many have an opinion about what Johnny should or should not do, who he should or should not have as his agent. Yes, it really is all very amusing, at this point. This what I know as truth in my life, Johnny has a Higher Power and I'm not it!

    Any disappointments I may feel because of his choices are my problem, not his, not his mother's, not his agent's his friends or anyone else's. I certainly am not going to dis Johnny for any choices he makes. It is his life for crying out loud.

    Olympic Effect, regarding Johnny's comments "about how none of the USFSA or USOC watched his practices at the Olympics and that they were there to support everyone else. Did he forget that he spoke out against the USFSA's top judge during the games? " It is my understanding that certain officials/ medical personnel are required by contract to be present at every skater's rehearsals regardless of statements or comments made by any skater. Thus, I would have to wonder if the lack of any official's presence wouldn't have some legal merit to pursue for not keeping to contractual obligations.

    Johnny is Johnny. Quirky, brilliant, driven, sensitive, fabulous. Yes he makes mistakes. Big whoop de do, most of us have in our lives. It may be that he will never return to competitive skating, won't be a success in the world of fashion, may end up sad and broken, somewhere:-( But gee whiz, I sure hope not. I hope he can rein in his creative genius enough to be fabulous at something other than skating.

    As for the ice shows.... well there aren't exactly any big headliners happening in the U.S., except perhaps Disney on Ice:-( Johnny is going to be skating in several shows in other countries over the next few months. All countries where he has big fan bases and folks are anxious to see him.

    Ms. Linger, weren't you kicked off another board for being someone who kept stirring up trouble?

    Well, I'm getting up there in years. Been a fan of figure skating for about 50 years now, and a fan of ballet for about 45 years. Seen lots of really good skaters and dancers come and go. The best ones, the most brilliant ones, the ones no one forgets, are also the most brilliant quirky and eccentric. Generally quite poorly understood by the press and those in the power echelons of skating or ballet.

  41. Wow - you all need to get a life.

    AJ, I think your blog is great. I read it all the time and I wouldn't change a thing. Do these people seriously have nothing better to do?

  42. AJ, please don't let these Johnny cray-crays get to you. Have pity on them, they clearly need to have their meds readjusted or possibly 5150 holds imposed on their asses. Just don't feed into their hypersensitivity and their need to be indignant.

    This blog is one of the first ones I check in the morning. While I don't always agree w/ your opinions, and I've posted comments to that effect occasionally, this blog has always been educational yet entertaining.

    For the people taking this way personally and seriously, you really need to get a life or at least put things into proper perspective. I am a pediatric ICU RN at a major teaching hospital, I deal w/ some intense and tragic shit every time I go to work. There are things in life more deserving of your energy and passion than stanning Johnny Weir to the Nth. Instead of being engulfed by anger over some blogger's opinions, maybe you should step back, take a deep breath, and appreciate life.

  43. *slow clap* When obvious points are missed by the "omg Johnny fans are crazy" camp, I marvel at the depth of density displayed.

    Just accept there was a fuck up and move on, sheesh.

  44. "There are things in life more deserving of your energy and passion than stanning Johnny Weir to the Nth. Instead of being engulfed by anger over some blogger's opinions, maybe you should step back, take a deep breath, and appreciate life."

    Hear, hear!

    The Johnny stans try to claim they're aren't obsessed and are rational. Thinking about Johnny Weir everyday and wanting to defend his actions everywhere isn't obsessive? Constantly reading a blog that you abhor is rational?

    You all keep coming back to this blog. Dave must be doing something right.

  45. Have I missed something? What the hell is a "stan"?

  46. stan= stalker + fan; made famous by Eminem's song

  47. I have the perfect title for Johnny's book:
    Stans and Slores: The Johnny Weir Story

    Now THAT, I might read. Seriously, thanks for asking what a "stan" is. I keep seeing the term and was too embarrassed to ask what it meant. Duh.

  48. What a lovely voice Yuna has... So much talent packed in such a wonderful package.