Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chinese Nationals Training

The Olympic Team Champions had podium training at Nationals. Their performance was a mixed bag. He Kexin, the little alien Uneven Bars dominatrix, is looking quite sluggish. Aside from Cheng Fei (who was powered by inner PE Teacher qualities), these girls do not age well. Sixteen is not so sweet for most of them.

Jiang Yuyuan, their great hope according to Lu Shanzhen, is improved but still landing her somersaults like Kristie Phillips.

There is hope for Nastia, as the Chinese coaches have starved years of maturity off of Yang Yilin's body.

Overall, their sudden floor abilities have subsided and they now look more like the Chinese teams of old.

He Kexin- UB, BB, FX
He Ning- FX
Huang Qiushuang- UB, FX
Jiang Yuyuan- UB, BB, FX
Sui Lu- FX
Wu Liufang- UB, FX
Yang Yilin- UB, FX


  1. Did Sui Lu do a triple turn in Y position?

  2. yea she may look sluggish, but she will still outscore anything the usa has to offer.

  3. Hmm....well I guess Russia has a great shot at being world champs in Rotterdam :)

  4. He Kexin is injure. So there is still time for her. Deng Linlin is injure and is out of national for good.

  5. hahaha "inner PE teacher"
    AJ you're the best.

  6. After looking at lots of floor this season, I've reached some conclusions:

    1.) I've started to become nauseated at the laid-out front after 2.5 twists. No one really has ever made it look good to me, and it usually looks fugly, ESPECIALLY when they try and add a half or full twist to it. IT LOOKS TERRIBLE 90% of the time!

    2.) I LOOOOOVE the long intricate tumbling passes: the roundoff - bhsp - 1 1/2 twist step out - roundoff - bhsp (or bhsp - whip) - double twist. They look very nice, and I love that they're "en vogue."

    3.) I've come to respect Shawn Johnson more. The ease with which she performed her tumbling is a gift. She may not have been the most graceful, but she did capture your attention, which is something an "artist" strives for.


  7. Oh, and Rebecca Bross = Rachel Flatt (to me). BORING.

  8. It's a 1-1/2 through to 3/1, not 2/1.

    He Kexin needs to stop training beam and floor. Her beam makes Jamie Deetscreek look floaty and light...

    Can someone teach these girls how to PUNCH out of forward landings? Send them to WOGA!

    He Ning, why are you still here? Please tell me you're doing it for your love of the sport, because you damn sure are not going ANYWHERE.

    WLF has always been very level 9 on FX, glad to see she's made it to L10.

    It's possible Tan Sixin may compete. Sui Lu looked nice on FX, that way a sweet Y turn. HQS's eagle endo Ono was KRAZEH. I hope she pulls it together. Her tumbling is looking awful.

  9. He Kexin is only doing BB and FX here because the Beijing team needs her on those events. It's highly unlikely she'll compete anything other than UB at Worlds.

    He Ning is still training (a.) for love of the sport; (b.) to keep Cheng Fei company; and (c.) because she has a legitimate shot at making the Asian Games team.

  10. Is Cheng Fei even really training...because it didn't look like it in that video update from her a few months ago. I love how she'd stick around to keep someone company. Are these girls all just prisoners of Communist China? They will be kept around until they are 50 yrs old, just like Pang and Tong.

  11. I read that Cheng Fei wants to start competing in 2011. Apparently she's just recovered from her ACL tear.

  12. Poor He Kexin finally hit puberty. I guess it happens to everyone, even 18 year olds...