Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Press Conference and Podium Training

Part 1

Part 2

After The Ceremony

Video of Dawes giving the medal to Kelli Hill. They'll be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.

Talking about the team meeting the night before Team Finals.

The Team tried their best to discuss 2000 without going on long rants about how awful Bela's Camps actually were. Notice how Bela was not in attendance. It is rather interesting how all of their comments tend to be about their hellish experience under Bela and the age falsification is never mentioned.

Jamie certainly appears to have had some work done. As always, Ms. Dantzscher speaks her mind. She actually spoke rather eloquently about the entire experience. The body language and giggles they share amongst one another is off the chain. The non-verbal communication is out of control. If only they had a video when Jamie went off on Bela after Team Finals in Sydney.

Somewhere, Jeanette Antolin should be brought in to discuss how he grabbed her ass in the middle of the floor and called her fat in front of the entire National Team at the training camp.

Moving Forward:

Videos of the senior women's podium training are showing up on youtube.

Rebecca Bross- VT, FX
Bridgey Caquatto- UB
Macko Caquatto- UB
Mattie Larson-VT, UB,BB, FX
Aly Raisman- FX
Sam Shapiro- VT, UB, FX
Bridget Sloan- BB, FX


  1. Dantzscher was so naturally beautiful... What's with the plastic surgery? :/

  2. Why were they not allowed to stay in the olympic village with the rest of the olympians?!?!

  3. They're a very good looking team, although Jamie looked better before having work done. Dawes is absolutely stunning, and I love the way she managed to be the classiest, best interview and make it all about her when they were on the podium!

  4. Dawes made me tear up! So touching. One thing we don't get to see much is just how much some of these coaches mean to their athletes. It's very heartwarming.

  5. Jamie went off on Bela after team finals? I need the details on this. Someone please explain.

  6. wow, they (especially Dantzscher) paint such a dark picture of the way they were treated in 2000. crazy.

    I watched the earlier interview w/ Bridget Sloan where she says her floors are "so different", um, what? Not really. The old one was "Araba" by Mustafa Sandel (Turkish). The new one is a middle-eastern theme song (Egyptian?). Not that different. Its not like she went from Araba to classical or to some jazz number ala-Carly Patterson. Who is she kidding??! And the choreography is only so-so. She shoulda youtubed Lilia Podkepayeva's '95 floor routine for some real inspiriation (

  7. The "choreography" is downright awful. I realise everyone these days is pose-pose-pose, but Bridget is really taking this to a whole new level. At least get new poses.

  8. I really dig how Dantzscher has always stood up for herself, but I don't think she sounds eloquent at all in these interviews. She has a very immature tone and it seems like she takes the victim stuff a bit too far. Elise Ray is a good example of how to recognize the injustices done to them without sounding like a brat. Elise's 40 second summation of the "core" of the team and how she felt it was messed with was way more coherent than Jamie's 5+ minutes of rambling about how unfair it all was. Take a lesson from Dawes and get over it girl!

  9. At first, Jamie just looked a little aged to me, not surgically-enhanced - but it seems like I'm now seeing a little "strangeness" around her nose. Then I read on another site that she's a homewrecker, and will be named in an upcoming divorce suit. Could it all be connected - wrecking someone's marriage, and the facial reconstruction? (But I guess in that case, Jamie could countersue for assault.)

    I kinda agree with the above Anon about Jamie's coming across as slightly whiny - but maybe it was Jamie's way of trying to detail for us the reasons why their Olympic experience was miserable. (We all want to know the dirty details, right?) Then again - some of her complaints may have been excessive - like her mentioning how they had such restricted access to their families. Ummm - it's the Olympics - it's only to be expected that trying to create an atmosphere of focus would take precedence over coming and going as you please. And the longtime word is that Jamie's coming and going as she pleased at 1999 Worlds was a big part of why Bela was sicced on them in the first place. Maybe Bela/USAG went overboard - but I suppose they were trying to restore discipline that was clearly not there when Jamie and Jeanette Antolin were blowing off training and sneaking off with the boys at '99 Worlds.

  10. So Dominique Dawes considers Kelli Hill the closest person to a mother she's had. That is not a glowing endorsement of Dawes' biological mother. What is the deal? Did the former Loretta Dawes (I use "former" b/c she is divorced from Dom's dad & is no longer "Dawes") abuse and/or neglect Dom? Is she a Bitch Extraordinaire, or what?

  11. If you do a little more reading about Dawes' home life you will find there is a combination of having an autistic younger brother, having to live with her coach to make it easier to get to training (Silver Spring to Gaithersburg is not a fun drive in D.C. traffic, nor is it predictable in terms of getting anywhere on time) and maybe they just didn't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff.

  12. "I'm not bitter." Right, Jamie. I can understand the legitimate gripes that she has, but a lot of the things she complains about are things that had been done before, or are still going on. The 1996 team stayed off site, away from the Olympic Village and obviously did well. I don't hear tons of complaints about it from them. And while the USAG pulled that weird stunt at trials where they made the girls hang out for 40 minutes or so while the coaches and bigwigs decided who was to be on the team, what the hell does she think happens now?! A similar situation--also televised--occurred in 2004, I don't hear members of that team (or the near-members of the team) screaming about it. In 2008 at the final camp, the girls competed and waited for the team to be named, as well. And the athletes in 2004 and 2008 had a final selection camp after trials and could be "in limbo" for weeks, not knowing whether they made the team or not, something else that was remarked upon by Miss Sunshine. I don't know what's happened to her, maybe she's been in the desert too long (she was coaching at ASU for a while, what's she doing now?) and got sand in her underwear, or something. But she seems pretty pissy.