Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Night One In Hartford

Night one in Hartford is in the books and Jonathan Horton is in the lead. It was an off day for many competitors. The unthinkable happened and Horton actually ''hit'' Pommel Horse (13.95) but fell on High Bar (14.200). Mr. Talkative chatted to the press incessantly about his desire to challenge Uchimura and wanting to be Superman.


Danell Leyva is second and Brandon Wynn is third.

Chris Brooks is in a tie for 7th place after a watered down floor routine and a stellar 12.050 on Pommel Horse for a routine that didn't include a fall. He won Parallel Bars with a 15.700 and High Bar with a 15.800.

Steve Legendre is in 23rd after a craptacular day. He nailed a 17.050 (9.450 Execution) on Vault but didn't break out of the 7s for execution elsewhere.

Daniel Ribiero won Pommel Horse with a 15.500 on his only event of the day.

John Orozco did not finish the meet due to injury.

Joey Hagerty had a decent but not great return to competition. He has yet to sparkle since Beijing.

Kevin Tan's return to the sport is in trouble after yet another injury.


Alexy Bilozertchev- RG,HB
Chris Brooks-FX, PH, RG, VT
Chris Cameron- PH
Jake Dalton- VT
Tyler Evans-HB
Wes Haagensen-VT
Joey Hagerty- PH, HB
Jonathan Horton- FX, PH, RG, VT, PB, HB
Glen Ishino- HB
Steve Legendre- FX, PH, VT, VT2, PB, HB
Danell Leyva-FX, PH, VT, HB
Alex Naddour-FX
Sho Nakamori-FX
Philip Onorato-RG
John Orozco- RG, VT
Paul Ruggeri- PH, VT
Jesse Silverstein- HB
Kevin Tan- PH
Brandon Wynn-VT


  1. Legendre's vault is incredible. Too bad his other events blew because I could watch that vault all day.

  2. I heard Orozco tore his achilles. Very sad.

  3. Umm, Chris Brooks fell twice on pommel horse.

  4. He was being sarcastic about Brooks.