Friday, August 6, 2010

This and That

Nastia Liukin is in Chicago promoting her fashion line and posted a photo of herself posing on beam in five inch heels.

Sarah Hughes stepped out on the town with Andrew Giulliani the other night. Andrew went to school at St. Joseph's Regional High School and was the type of guy to pick up all sorts of attractive girls on the basis of his famous father. We hope that Sarah doesn't go on any shopping excursions with Andrew's sister.

A video of Viktoria Komova training for the Youth Olympics was shown on Russian News. IG has listed an entire field for the upcoming event. The US women are not sending anyone due to some bullshit about coaching. Perhaps it has to do with the interference of the National Championships being held the same week and Martha simply not giving a rusty hoot.

Madison Chock and Greg Zuerlein won the senior free dance at the 2010 Lake Placid Summer Championships. While it is encouraging that they won a competition, they did not score very high and even lost PCS to a lesser-ranked team.

Still no word on Nicole Bobek's sentence.

Disson will be putting on a mega hot mess this fall. In addition to the annual Skatenastics Craptacular, they will be putting on Riverdance On Ice. The slapped together embarrassing event will take place October 16th at 7PM and feature Shae Lynn Bourne, Joannie Rochette, Jeff Buttle, Todd Eldredge, The Kerrs, Jeff Buttle, Sasha Cohen, Michael Weiss, Emily Hughes and Steven Cousins. Viktor Kraatz is getting the hell out of dodge and will not be skating. Tickets go on sale today and Ioana will be disowned if she does not attend and report back on the sure-to-be-memorable shit show.

Alan Abrahamson wrote an article analyzing Michael Phelps' performance at the recent National Swimming Championships. Phelps set a record with 49 career National Titles despite only being a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-10 for being in shape.


  1. well nastia's looking hot again, damn

  2. You realize that Sarah Hughes and Andrew Guiliani dated a few years back. Either they are friends or getting back together.

  3. They are back together.

  4. You just know life is fair when Andrew at least has famous, albeit estranged, daddy.

  5. For someone so interested in fashion she puts together some questionable outfits.

  6. I was going to buy tickets for the Riverdance show. Never been to one. Will it be craptastic in a good or bad way?