Sunday, August 8, 2010

This and That

Mao Asada and Takahiko Kozuka training in Japan recently. Mao appears to really be focusing on her (f)lutz.

Yu-Na Kim announced All That Skate LA October 2-3. Michelle Kwan will also be appearing. Yu-Na was awarded $10,000 for being an honorary citizen and she promptly donated that money to UNICEF.

Ashley Wagner released two new vlogs this week and I must admit that they are a HUGE improvement. Ashley seems much more natural than she has in the past. The questions are quite good and she does discuss her recent training in the other vlog. Does anyone else adore Priscilla Hill? I have all sorts of desires to train with her, go antiquing with her, buy dogs and cats, go to artsy picnics in the park...

Jonathan Cassar wrote a diary for Ice Network about competing at Glacier Falls. He writes that he missed competing at Skate Detroit and Liberty...and boy were his spread eagles missed! In an upset, Kristiene Gong defeated Rachael Flatt by 4.6 points! Rachael narrowly won the short but Kristiene came back to win overall. Can we say: Point Frank? (How many is that now?) Flatt apparently doubled some jumps. I'd like to believe that God has spoken. SylviaUnseen has a few more details.

Chock and Zuerlein won the senior short dance in Lake Placid.

Johnny Weir told After Elton that he is going to put on an ice show this winter in New York City that will include "singers, strippers, porn stars, dancers and skaters." Should this be a Tara Modlin-produced event, it will be a hot mess that is not to be missed.

Gymnastike spoke with Wu Jiani about how the Caquatti are looking for Championships.

Both Hypolito siblings reportedly won the Brazilian National Championships. Some girls just won't go away!

Lisa Skinner, who was infamously berated by Peggy Liddick at the 2004 Olympic Games, spoke to IG about what Peggy has meant to the Australia Team. Lisa was a member of the team before and during Peggy's tenure as HBIC.


  1. Rachael needs to get away from Tom Z stat. Is she still with Tara? Please keep her out of Johnny's upcoming Slores show!
    Very surprised that Jeremy has improved so much as a show skater. He used to be blah. The videos from Korea show a totally different Jeremy- especially in the group numbers where he , Stephane and Brian were together. Brian looked like an untidy, poorly bred draft horse out on the track with thoroughbreds.
    Yuka Sato is a miracle worker.
    Oh- can we keep Jeremy out of the Slores show, too?

  2. What are the details about Lisa Skinner and Peggy Liddick? Didn't hear that one

  3. "Johnny going to put on an ice show...that will include 'singers, strippers, porn stars, dancers and skaters.' Should this be a Tara Modlin-produced event, it will be a hot mess that is not to be missed."

    Amen. Tara is a one-woman hot mess machine. Can hardly wait.

  4. Wow I would pay fortunes to see Rachel in slores spectacular! Miss piggy with strippers and porn stars. The most spectacular visual irony this ought to be!

  5. Does anyone have more information about the Yuna LA show on 10/2-10/3?

  6. Did you just say Michelle was skating? OMG how much does it cost to fly across country?

  7. Maybe Johnny isn't so "family friendly" after all. At what point does he grow up? There doesn't need to be strippers and porn stars in a skating and singing show. I feel like he tries so hard to "be himself" that he ends up almost crossing the line at times.

  8. I think he is seeking attention and probably has no idea who he is outside skating.

  9. Jeremy is playing hard to get!:) He said in his blog that he was invited to the All That Skate LA show but had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts.

    I wonder what the final cast would look like. Personally I would like to see Yamaguchi takes a part in the show, but we will see.

  10. I think Tara has him doing some Disson shows this fall/winter. Plus he has NHK, the first GP event.

    Yuna's show will be a much classier show. It's just sad her team waited so long, then picked THAT weekend. I'm sure many of the skaters would have preferred her show, but by now, have other commitments.

  11. I kind of went into a panic when I first read about Johnny's comments re: porn stars and such ('cause it sounded so trashy), but on second thought, he might have just been teasing. So I feel better about it.

    Would love to see that Yuna show; wish it were in my neighborhood and that Johnny was in it. One can dream ....

  12. @Anon 2:11 AM
    Jeremy will be in "Skate for the Heart" on October 10 in Youngstown Ohio. He did the show last year too. He has to concentrate on his GP season now.

  13. Skate for the Heart always has a teeny tiny bit of ice, is obviously low budget, and the televised part has the skaters performances chopped up with multiple, senseless cuts to mediocre musical acts.