Monday, August 9, 2010

Exceptional Gay Moment: Burlesque

Christina+Cher+Dr. McSteamy+Julianne Hough+Musical+Strippers = Exceptional Gay Moment.

The trailer for this looks like it could be fun like Center Stage, horrendous like Glitter or plain old fabulous.

While the Cher dialogue concerns me in terms of cheese wiz, I will certainly not be overdoing it at the Thanksgiving table in preparation for getting more inner whore on and vamping it out to this soundtrack. Let's just hope that this winds up being just a tad better than Miss. Xtina's disastrous current album.

It feels as though we're deflowering prim and proper Julianne Hough on the big screen and I like it! Let's just hope that Christina's acting debut is slightly better than Britney and Mariah's. I can't deal with a Cher flop. It has been too long since her majesty has graced the silver screen. Bring on the sequins and take off the tops, I can't wait for Burlesque!


  1. Don't forget Kristen Bell and Stanly Tucci!! Also amused how they have the whole "Close the Curtain" *Xtina starts doing her vocal acrobatics* "Omg open the curtain!" routine.

  2. Julianne Hough and Christina on the same stage -- I always thought they looked liked sisters. Too cute!