Thursday, August 5, 2010

History Lesson: 1989 World Team Finals

The 1989 World Championships remains one of the most legendary meets of all time. While the current code of points requires more difficulty, the level of variety, innovation, artistry and quality was far greater in '89. The gymnasts also performed back-to-back tumbling runs which we have not seen in well over a decade.

Newly 'developed' Daniela Silivas led a solid Romanian team that simply didn't have a prayer of contending with the superior Soviets. It is amazing that the Americans were even able to pull off a fourth place finish given the strength of the field and their relative shittasticness. Team Leader Brandy Johnson imploded in optionals, ending any medal hopes for the US Team.

It is difficult to get excited by gymnastics after going back and watching just how incredible the sport once was. Perhaps what is most remarkable is that 1989 was a transitional year with so many top gymnasts retiring or deciding whether or not to continue.

Note that the North Koreans make China's Beijing Olympic Team appear middle aged.


  1. Wow. I forgot how amazing Natalia Laschenova was. Her back layout on beam was incredible.

  2. I live for Kathy's snort when Bart suggests that perhaps the North Koreans are just younger because you're consider 1 yr old at birth.

  3. How about when KJC comments that all the East Germans have the same hairstyle? I die.

  4. Did she mean to imply that theyre all lesbians?