Thursday, August 19, 2010

This and That

Kerri Strug is an ambassador for the Youth Olympics. Yesterday, she said that she really could've benefitted from competing at the Youth Olympics.

'I think I would have really benefited from it. I was always known as being very gifted physically, but not being able to put it all together when it counted most,' said the former gymnast, 32, who competed at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games.

'If I had an opportunity to compete before the Barcelona Games, I would have been that much more prepared and successful in those Games.'

Kerri Strug is not a good bullshitter. Does she not remember that she competed at a World Championships before Barcelona? Didn't she win a silver with her team? She performed nervously but without serious errors...the same way she always competed. I'm almost reminded of the time that Kerri and her agent went for the money and refused to do the group tour with the rest of the Mag 7 and claimed that she just needed to start school right away.

Miss Val held a press conference and stated that Va Zam will not be going to Worlds. She will spend the year training elite.

Videos from the Youth Olympics Men's AA Final have been posted:
Yuya Komato- FX, PH, SR, VT, PB, HB
Oleg Stepko- PH, SR, VT, PB, HB
Zhu Xiaodong- FX

Maria Sharapova went back to her hometown recently for an ABC News segment about how her life was affected by the Chernobyl disaster.


  1. so Zam isn't going to try for worlds 2010 but will spend the rest of 2010/2011 training elite in hopes of?....what? nationals 2011? worlds 2011? this doesn't make sense..maybe i should watch the press conference before asking these questions....

  2. I'm sure Kerri attending a Youth Olympic would have made her dance better on floor and cleaned up her beam acro and make her do a proper high to low bar transition.

  3. Kerri Strug is 32? How time flies!

  4. Kerri was probably asked how important something like the Youth Olympics are, so she had to say whatever. She had to make up something that sounded good.

  5. I'd like to see Peszek and Zam training elite routines while balancing NCAA gymnastics. It will be interesting to see how ready they would look for 2011 Nationals after doing that.

  6. How does a gymnast train elite while dealing with the NCAA 20-hour-per-week rule? It seems that it was much more common for college gymnasts to compete elite before the rule took effect.

  7. I really wish that zam would try for worlds blow out a knee and retire already. I love her, she is one of my favorite gymnasts, but she is not the best, definitely the most over hyped gymnast ever.