Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This and That

Yu-Na Kim responded to Brian Orser on her official website and accused him of lying in his interviews. It is unclear whether or not Yu-Na is being the victim of manipulation by those controlling her. AT Sports continues to bring up the rumors surrounding Brian Orser coaching Mao Asada, but he immediately rejected the offer. Brian Orser is the new enemy of Korea for daring to comment on the situation and Kim's mother. Somehow skatenastics is seen as being different from baseball, basketball or any other competitive sport where the reasons for high profile hiring and firings are discussed in the media. As Bart Conner says, "somehow these girls are seen as being vulnerable when they are fierce competitors." Brian Orser spoke to CTV about the decision. This will further piss off Korea. In the lily-white skatenastics world, Park Mi-hee clearly had a ''job transfer.'' There were also comments made in my previous post that Brian is somehow announcing this the same day in order to sabotage All That Skate LA. Um, this is America, we love drama and divas. This is a good thing and will only increase the publicity and exposure for the event.

The cast for All That Skate LA has been confirmed. Yu-Na Kim and Michelle Kwan will co-headline the event. It is MK's first performance in the US since 2006. The event is significant, as Yu-Na shows tend to be giant spectacles in Korea. It remains to be seen whether figure skating can still command a large audience in the US, as Stars On Ice has continuously struggled at the box office over the last decade. While the 2009 Worlds were a success, shows have not been. If Korean-Americans come out in droves, the next event will clearly be held in Old Tappan, New Jersey.

The cast for All That Skate LA includes: Ashley Wagner, Belgosto, Brian Joubert, Savchenko and Szolkowy, Shen and Zhao, Stephane Lambiel, Johnny Weir and Voir.

It is amazing how Mishin and Plushenko continue to state that he will compete despite his banning by the ISU. They did not appeal the initial ruling. Alexei Mishin gave a fabulously defiant and matter-of-fact Russian interview to World Figure Skating about the situation. Unless they know something we don't (and one many never comprehend the broadness Mishin's political power), the situation continues to appear more and more entertaining by the day. Given that the Figure Skating Federation of Russia provided the ISU with evidence to revoke his amateur status, this is Russian Drama at its finest.

Kristen Maloney is the new Assistant Coach at UNH.

The Chinese have been dominating diving at the Youth Olympics. Qiu Bo won the 10 meter platform. Compatriot Liu Jiao captured the women's event.

The FIG gave Marian Dragalescu a warning for failing to comply with the out-of-competition doping regulations.

The list of competitors for the Nebelhorn Trophy has been posted. As rumored, Ashley Wagner will begin her season at the Senior B event.

Mother Russia's young bad ass divas with weapons captured Youth Olympic gold in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Team event.

Shockingly, a Russian also won the individual rhythmic event. Alexsandra Merkulova is the new HBIC.

The new Workout Wednesday on Gymnastike features Macko and Bridgey Caquatto.


  1. Coaches in gymnastics and skating are different than in professional team sports. Team management, not the individual athletes, make the decisions about hiring and firing coaches. Athletes who don't like the coach can ask to be traded (not always granted) or try to find another team once their contract expires. Their contracts are with the organization, not the coach. Which, of course, means skaters and gymnasts who "fire" their coaches or leave their clubs make for that much more drama-filled gossip! All the more entertaining for us.

    These gymnast-coach or skater-coach coaching arrangements are frequently portrayed as deep, personal relationships by the media, and most athletes and coaches don't attempt to dispel that. Add it that female skaters and gymnasts are typically thought to be sweet, loving little girls with not a nasty bone in their body, innocent little flowers that need to be protected from a harsh world and coaches are the ones that protect them......well, the opportunities for overblown drama are endless!

    Finally, I'm very sorry is Yuna's got her panties in a twist because people are saying her mother is batshit crazy and uber-controlling. But just because someone says something less than flattering about your mom doesn't mean it isn't true.

  2. I love how Yu-Na's mom studies skating and knows all about jump takeoffs. It is wonderfully Asian A+ Skating Mom. Brian Orser really handled himself very well in the CTV interview.

  3. I am starting to wonder if they just said Orser instigated the change in their first statement, simply because it looked better. Perhaps they assumed he'd keep quiet and 'respect' their privacy. Tow the line, etc. It's bizarre, I think he deserved a lot better than this. They seem frustrated that he didn't get the hint and just get out of the way.

  4. LMAO about Old Tappan comment. Who knows there will be ATS 32nd st and ATS chinatown.

  5. It is almost never the coach who initiates the change unless there is something so awful going on. The money, offers, prestige and other students keep coming in as long as the star pupil is there. Gao and Rippon came because of his work with Yu-Na.

  6. "toe the line" not "tow the line"! Pet peeve. Like using "mute point" when you mean "moot point."

    But it wouldn't surprise me if Team Yuna thought Orser would just do as they requested, no questions asked. Park Mi-hee tells everyone around her what to do and what to write and what to think and everyone obliges without question. Of course the thought Orser would do the same.

  7. haha, I just looked up the spelling and have obviously completely misunderstood the origin of the expression :) Thanks for mentioning Robin

    On a completely unrelated note, can I ask if anyone here has any plans to the Olympics in London?

  8. to go, to go

    I live in London

  9. One thing is clear-- The communication skills between Orser and Kim can be described as nothing but POOR.

    Seriously, stop sending statements to Phil Hersh and typing up letters on your official website. Speak TO EACH OTHER and act like the adults you are! Way to wreck a relationship.


    everyone keeps changing their stories :(

  11. Yuna Kim’s Management Confirms Kim-Orser to Part Ways

    August 24th, 2010-08-24 (Seoul, Korea) – AT Sports, Yuna Kim’s management company confirmed that Yuna will be parting ways with coach Brian Orser.

    AT Sports announced that the relationship between Brian Orser and Kim’s agency had been strained since May and as a result, Kim has been more or less practicing without a coach since June. In early August, Kim’s agency and Orser agreed to the coach-skater taking some unofficial time-off and since then, Kim has been training alone and working on her new program with David Wilson as her choreographer. Kim and her management was taken aback when Orser announced on August 23rd that he would no longer be able to care for Yuna Kim, which Kim’s agency understood as Orser’s decision to step down as Kim’s coach.

    “I would like to thank Brian for helping me accomplish my greatest dream which was to become an Olympic Gold medalist,” said Kim. “I wish him every success for the future.”

    Meanwhile, Yuna Kim continues to train at the Toronto Cricket Club. No plans have been announced yet as to her future plans including who the new coach will be.

  12. is that the actual press release? holy shit. It fails every aspect of sports management 101.

  13. It's hilarious. only focus to Mama Kim. even though Kim said her decision. Orser, maybe you win. ;-) Congrats.

  14. Did you notice how her official press release contradicted what her camp said earlier?

    Creepy though that there are a ton of Yu-nabots online dedicated towards vilifying Brian when it's been Yu-na's camp the entire time that's been acting shaddddyy

  15. Jiani Wu is in desperate need of a bra that fits. Her boobs are down to her knees and swinging from side to side.

  16. That is the same initial statement from ATS from the beginning. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Maybe you guys all saw different translations everywhere on the web?

  17. If anyone thinks Brian has been doing the right thing, then you got a problem. Both sides FAILED big time handling this and nobody won. I've never seen such a communication failure like this and I've never seen a coach going after his student like this too. Yeah he is saying nice things here and there but basically he is using his influence on skating community as a weapon to turn people against her and succeed cuz many Canadians who don't know much about the two will say he was dumped by her controlling mother.

  18. He isn't saying anything about Yu-Na. It is generally accepted that skating moms are the crazy bitches. Park Mi-hee is not a reflection on her daughter or vice versa. He didn't go after anyone. He has been remarkably matter of fact. Using his influence against her? I love how Koreans are living in a parallel universe. He is hardly using any influence, lol. Man. I can't even deal with some of the people who comment on this situation.

  19. I'm pretty sure both Shen and Zhao and Brian Joubert have other commitments during the dates of All That Skate LA. I wouldn't be surprised to see them dropped from the cast list pretty soon, and I don't know what they were doing on it to begin with.

    As for the Orser/Kim split, I'm so not going there other than to say that someone with Yu-Na's talent, accomplishments and funds should have better representation than AT Sports. Ha, no chance, I know.

  20. We don't like Skankee Yankee fans here in MA. STAY the hell away Maloney

  21. Sorry I meant New England no MAss

  22. 1. Soothing rhetoric --> "It is a fantastic program, by far the best one I've seen. It is beyond even her Concerto in F (the Olympic long program to Gershwin.) It's a complete departure."
    Actually, what he did --> Opened the music ‘Arirang’ of Yunas new program to the press without kim's prior consent.

    2. Soothing rhetoric --> "I'm sure you have heard the rumors, but I want you to know my loyalty is to you, and your skating is my priority."
    Actually, what he said --> "I have to say that I was flattered

    she has an interest, but your skating comes first. let me know if you any concerns or thoughts." He had a foot in both camps.

    3. Soothing rhetoric --> "Financial issues had nothing to do with the split."
    Actually, what he said --> "I'm the lowest paid coach at this

    level in the history of figure skating,'' Orser said. "I get $110 an hour, and that is what I charged her. I did make something from Korean commercials.... blah,blah,blah....

    4. Soothing rhetoric --> “I wish her all the best as she moves forward in her skating career.”
    Actually, what he did --> He broke the news on the same day as the first ticket sale day of Yuna's US show.

    5. Soothing rhetoric --> At the CTV, he respected Yuna as an adult in classy manner.
    Actually, what he said --> In other articles, he used a word “Kid” and “girl” like that “Kid who cares of their mom” or “19 years girl whose emotion up and down sometimes."

    6. Soothing rhetoric --> He broke the silence because the situation was causing tension in the rink and because he did not want it to become the big story of the moment when he began taking his skaters including promising U.S. skaters Adam Rippon and Christina Gao.
    Actually, what he said --> I'm a coach of your childs. Plz, cover me, americans.

    what exactly he intended?
    And, JSF & Mao, you really are without honour and without shame.