Saturday, August 21, 2010

This and That

Viktoria Komova captured gold on bars and vault today at the Youth Olympics. She has now landed three solid Amanars in a row and has quite the reliable double twisting yurchenko. She actually had a mishap on bars, yet still outpaced Tan Sixin by a few tenths. Oleg Stepko, representing Ukraine and looking like Grigory Misutin, captured gold on Pommel Horse.

A video of Volosozhar and Trankov was posted. They already look to have good unison, which is extremely promising. Mother Russia could return to the top of the podium quite soon, or at least provide a real rival for Savchenko and Szolkowy (and Pang and Tong for however long they continue.) Tatiana Tarasova appears to be advising them. Expect this pair to skyrocket over the course of the next two seasons. They will be primed for Sochi. Mother Russia will want gold in "its" discipline at their home Olympics.

Inoue and Baldwin withdrew from the NHK Trophy. No one fretted over it.

Women's Prelims took place at the Youth Olympics. China's Liu Jiao is China's latest diver to achieve global domination.

Sadly, Serena Williams withdrew from the US Open due to her foot injury. Hopefully the networks will have her on giving her views or some commentary, because things will surely be much less entertaining.

Amy Chow spoke to Gymnastike about receiving the bronze medal. She remains one of the dullest interviewees of all time. This interview was only outdone by the 'excitement' she displayed just days after learning the news.

A glimpse of Daisuke Takahashi's new short program:


  1. Darn IOC has blocked the Komova vid...

    Volosozhar and Trankov's SBS spins are just--wow. If they have the same unison for their jumps I'll be a happy camper. Looking forward to their first outing (Worlds 2011..?).

  2. That quad of Daisuke's looked effortless; looks like he is all healed and ready to go. Hope he has a great season and repeats as World Champ!

  3. Wondering how Volosozhar and Trankov can even go to Worlds next year with the ISU's new "minimum qualifying score". They won't be allowed to compete in any competitions where they could get the score because of the citizenship issues. Basically if you don't do a Grand Prix or a Senior B, you won't receive a qualifying score and won't be able to go to Worlds. I really hope I am just misinterpreting this rule and V/T could be allowed to qualify to Worlds.

    It's funny how this pair is already getting so much attention when nobody has even seen them do the big elements yet. But on paper, they do seem like they could be very good.

  4. Wow, thanks IOC for blocking the Komova video! Ugh! I've been watching the highlight show of the Youth Olympics on Universal Sports and the only sport they have NOT covered has been gymnastics!! What's the deal!?

  5. The Komova video is only blocked if it has been embedded--if you follow the link to the original YouTube video, you should be able to watch it fine.

  6. It is ironic that Rodionenko did everything possible to destroy Kolesnkiovas career, and now the daughter is doing everything to save rodionenkos career