Friday, August 27, 2010

Chinese Nationals: Team Finals

Margaret Thatcher's adopted daughter is back in earnest. She is even appearing more comfortable on balance beam!

He Kexin (time is ticking)- VT, UB, BB, FX
Huang Qiushuang- VT1, VT2, UB, BB, FX
Jiang Yuyuan- VT, UB, BB, FX
Sui Lu- VT, UB, BB, FX
Yang Yilin- VT, UB, BB, FX

I know you all love to play Martha, so what is your World Team looking like? In the great Chinese Tradition of yore, this team appears to have the ability to win gold on their best day or seventh or eighth should one of them fall and trigger the domino effect. They may have DTYs, but they're um... not quite Cheng Fei material.

In other news, you know your life is a complete joke when you wake up to a message like this on your computer screen:

Miss Honey, I just watched JYY's bar routine from prelims, and let me tell you, I am greatly offended by the fiasco that is her stalder 1/1...


  1. US: Larson, Bross, Sloan, Macko, Raisman, Sacramone (although personally I like Hunter better than Raisman)

    Russia: Mustafina, Nabieva, Semyonova, Myzdrikova, Afanasyeva, Afanasyeva's Chin

    China: Pretty much everyone mentioned in the post plus some other girl (Deng, probably)

    Romania: Not sure on this one... Porgras (if healthy), Racea, Chelaru, Haidu, Izbasa, ?

  2. Whoever is letting her do not just one but two horrendous stalders in that routine needs to be shot in the face. Just ghastly.

  3. For me,Bross,Larson,Raisman,and A Sac are locks.Va Zam would have been on my team for vault but now that she's out of the picture I'm not sure whether to replace her with another vaulter(like kytra,eww) or another bars specialist like whitcomb (macko was my original bars specialist). I think I'll go with whitcomb and leave larson out of my orginal bar lineup.I'm not sure about other teams like Russia or china yet

  4. Vazam would have my team. Too bad, UCLA pussed out. That's not Marta's fault. She wants competition and gave the girl an invite. I guess Zam would rather horse around with NCAA though. BTW, what ever happened to Li or Brandi Personet?

    Sacramone, Bross and Larson are locks. I'd make Raisman annd Hunter fight it out, but prefer Raisman. On bars specialist would make Macko, Jetter, Whitcomb and Davis fight it out, but prefer Macko. And I would tell Indiana to work some magic and fix Sloan. If Sloan disobeys my order to get well, I would take another bars girl (not both Raisman and Hunter)

  5. U.S.: Bross, Sloan, Raisman, Larson, Sacramone, Hunter

    Russia: Mustafina, Afanasyeva, Nabieva, Semenova, Myzdrikova, Dementyeva/Pavlova (it all depends on beam)

    China: He, Sui, Deng, Jiang Y, Yang, Huang

    Romania: Porgras, Chelaru, Haidu, Racea, and do they even have a 5th and 6th or will Simona Amanar and Andreea Raducan need to start training again?

  6. Correction:

    Um, I don't know why my answer was "Bross, Sloan, Raisman, Larson, Sacramone, Hunter." Boot Kytra for Macko. Temporary TOTAL brainfail.

  7. I think Romania will be the euros team plus Izbasa. Russia also has Elizarova who has been doing well lately but doesn't have a strong event. The last beam routine I can find from her is from 2009, and it looks like she was attempting 5.9 difficulty.

  8. I'm surprised how many people are putting Sloan on their team. They must really believe she can get back in shape in time. I love Bridget,but she has done two beam and two bar routines the whole year. All four of these routines had major errors. I would put her on my team if she had looked as good as last year as we could easily use her on bars and floor and possibly vault,but I highly don't she will get her act together that quickly before the selection camp. I hope she works her ass off the next couple years cuz USA will need her.

  9. wow I remember reading that you stole idea's from blogs and message boards and this post proves it. At least be man enough to admit it.

  10. Correction she has done 3 beam routines,I almost forgot she did beam at the classics.I never saw that routine,but it received a fairly good score if I remeber correctly.So of the 5 routines she has done in competion one MIGHT have been clean

  11. Sloan has shown very little. However, we HAVE very little. If we had all kinds of stuff, I'd mentally check out on Sloan. As it is...I'm praying she can eke out a temporary return to 2009 form.

  12. Sloan is a virtually unknown quantity at the moment. She could be too injured to go, she could do 3-4 events for the US in TFs if healthy, or anywhere between the two. Until we know how she's looking, there are very few definites for the team. Their names are Bross, Sacramone and Larson. Bridget's health will impact greatly on what contribution Larson actually makes.

  13. I think raisman is almost a definite. We could use her on floor and vault and possibly beam. She was sticking on floor at nationals,and has one of the best DTYs in the country. Although she doesn't have the best form,she is solid on beam and has a pretty high D score on the event. Kytra has similiar strengths but not as as solid and consistent as raisman. Plus I think raisman has better form than kytra (as sad as that is) and I think raisman is more favored by Marta

  14. Raisman is a definite if and only if she is hitting beam. They don't need her anywhere else, but if she's not usable on beam the US are looking pretty fucked.