Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This and That

The 2000 Team was awarded their bronze medals. Apparently Dawes put her medal around Kelli Hill's neck and the waterworks flowed. Because you know, they've won an Olympic Medal together before. Dawes' five-month comeback was such a long and emotional journey for the couple.

What is fabulous about the 2000 team is that they had more attitude than any other Olympic Team is history. Of the competing team, Amy Chow is the only ''nice'' girl on the team. I wouldn't mess with any of the other five. In the words of Dick Button, "don't shake her hand, she'll break it."

Dominique Dawes stole the show with her random tearful comments about Kelli Hill. I wonder what Shannon was doing during the ceremony. Dawes made the press conference all about herself and her new weave. As the veteran of the team, she spent all of five minutes training for Sydney. Where was Bela during the ceremony?
Elise Ray with her bronze medal.

Jancy Thompson is suing USA Swimming and Norman Havercroft for sexual assault that took place over a five-year period in the '90s that started when she was 15. USA Swimming allegedly knew of the abuse and attempted to cover it up. The suit claims that Havercroft abused another girl, which USA Swimming knew about, but she is not listed in the cast. Havercroft is accused of groping, engaging in sexual acts, providing pornography and buying a webcam for cyber sex. Jancy Thompson recently graduated from the police academy and does gang intervention for a nonprofit group.

Shawn Johnson's comeback appears more legitimate than previously thought. She was in NYC to appear with Got Milk? today, but was only on the ground for a few hours before returning. Shawn told the Des Moines Register that her training is more like cross-country training than gymnastics training, as she attempts to get her body back into shape. She is hoping to get her skills back by the end of the year and be back in competition by next year's National Championships. Shawn looked surprisingly thinner at the Got Milk? event. Perhaps we shouldn't bet against this natural talent, as she is definitely someone who could defy the odds.

Live scores for Senior Men's Prelims

Kevin Tan was apparently injured during the second rotation and had to be helped off the podium. He later continued competition on the pommel horse and then fell on his rings dismount after a solid routine. Reports indicate that he looks too injured to be competing. Orozco was helped off the podium moments ago after a bad landing on vault.

Gymnstands has the best quick hits on twitter. They are more realistic, as opposed t0 Gymnastike, which gets all excited over Horton's 13.95 on Pommel Horse. Let's celebrate mediocrity!


  1. SJ does look thinner. Her tweets have steadily decreased & the ones she has given indicate she's in the gym. I have no doubt that barring some massive injury she'll be a force to reckon with.

  2. Jancy Thompson, not Jenny Thompson. Also, isn't the latter now a doctor?

  3. Thats great that Dawes put her medal around Kelli Hill...u gotta imagine that the relationship is strong for a random coach who ends up putting her gymnast on 3 Oly teams. And I dont mean perverted..I know how u are Mr. Oly Effect, lol

  4. Wouldn't it be nice if the coverage of Shawn's comeback propelled Nastia into a gym somehow. I think they both have it in them.

  5. Took me a while to figure out who the girl in the white suit is. Looks like Dawes has got herself a weave.

  6. Lordy, lordy, I need to see this full press conference. Anyone have a link?

  7. Based on the 2000 team photos on Gymnstike it appears that:

    (1) Schwikert has morphed into the Las Vegas showgirl she was always destined to be.
    (2) Maloney is as homely as ever. Would it kill her to wear some blush?
    (3) Ray has become her mother.
    (4) Dawes has bought herself a synthetic weave.
    (5) Dantzscher is fierce and has botoxed herself to within an inch of her life.
    (6) Chow's eyebrows have finally called it quits and left her.

    It gives me the sads.

  8. now now now... i'm sure dominique has enough money to buy 100 percent human hair for her weave....

  9. People on this site are so stupid. Why do you think every black girl has a weave? Do you even know what weave is?

  10. yeah, I just watched "Good Hair" and she has a weave. It was short just a few months ago.

  11. I can't STAND how blatantly fairweather you are. One minute, Shawn Johnson is a fat cow that isn't going to be able to make a comeback and all-of-a-sudden you're saying we shouldn't count her out? Jesus, AJ. I am now doubting that there's any real credit behind your opinions about gymnastics. Your blog is obviously just an entertainment one with little to no facts. Sad. Pick a real style of journalism and stick with it. The back and forth is getting old.

  12. Gymnasts change. Why can't opinions? Also, anyone intelligent is bound to be a walking contradiction. Suck it, anonymous 3:27

  13. LMAO @ anon 9:22's comments..ur no good. And yes Dawes is def rockin a weave, but it's all good because she looks great w it. She's fly.

    And @ Aunt Joyce, imma kick ur ass if u keep making snarky comments about my beloved Dawes and her new weave, lol. Luckily, I know u hate everyone besides Kwan, so I'll let u live to see another day, lol

  14. Shawn has lost an impressive amount of weight due to running 12 miles a fay. It is looking more possible than previously thought.

  15. It's because of Spanny's Rocky video! Oo-rah!