Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This and That

Nicole Bobek was sentenced to five years' probation. Given Nicole's upbringing, it is easy to see how she would wind up down the path she ultimately went down. Moved around the country in search of quick fixes and fast money and results, Nicole never learned discipline or a work ethic. Her mother and aunt placed little to no value on education and even tried to get her exempt from academic requirements. Given her lack of formal education or any semblance of a normal life, the real world was going to be dangerous for this wild child who lived life on the edge. While Bobek is known to be a sweet person, there has always been a darker side to her life. She actually did appear sincere and contrite about her involvement in the meth ring. While I do not support drugs, it is easy to see how Nicole got involved in being addict to meth and how her financial assets ultimately led to her substantial involvement in the ring. Hopefully, she truly will change for the better. There has always been goodness and potential within Nicole, now she just needs to harness it. As always, even though she is discussing being sentenced as a part of a drug ring, Nicole manages to be likable.

Yuya Kamoto won the All-Around at the Youth Olympic Games. Ukraine's Oleg Stepko was second and China's Zhu Xiaodong finished third. Videos of the top performances will be posted when they are available.

Donna Strauss spoke to gymnastike about the differences in the training camps in 2000 and now.

Daniel Keatings is back training on four of the six apparatus and is rehabbing extensively to get back for the 2011 Europeans and 2011 Worlds. He is not aiming to compete in Rotterdam.

There have been rumors about Marlie's music this season. They are indeed using the Amelie soundtrack. It will be the music for their short dance (the required Golden Waltz) and their free dance will be a tango. Voir will also be doing a Latin free dance, but it is not a tango.

Jana Khokhlova spoke to Lynn Rutherford about her new ice dance partnership with Fedor Andreev.

Grant Hochstein and Karen Zhou won the US Collegiate Nationals respectively. It continues an impressive start to the year for Grant, who is among many US Men looking to make an impact in the Post Weir and Lysacek era.

Raj Bhavsar officially retired from gymnastics and is joining Cirque du Soleil.

Debi Thomas is traveling to Nepal at the end of September with five fellow orthopedic surgeons to perform more than 70 joint replacements on 30 patients. Debi will be performing at A Salute To The Golden Age of American Skating in Atlantic City this December.

The Romanian women defeated Great Britain last weekend. Unfortunately, Sandra Izbasa was not ready to compete as planned. Hannah Whelan won the gold, but Romanians Daniela Andrei and Raluca ''Pitic'' Haidu were second and third respectively.

Evan Lysacek is set to be one of the celebrity judges at Miss Universe.

Kurt Browning's Toronto mansion caught fire today. The cause of the fire is unknown, but the firefighters believe it originated in the garage.


  1. Yes, Nicole came off really well in that video. I whole-heartedly wish her the best.

  2. Nicole Bobek was always my favorite skater. I really hope she gets her life together and finds happiness. Thanks for the update.

  3. I don't feel at all bad for Bobek, but I hope she gets her life together.

  4. Let this be a good lesson for psycho parents.

  5. OOOOOH amelie music! I hope they do comptine d'un autre été, it's one of the most beautiful pieces of music composed in the last 10 years.