Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Ice

Videos are up!

Mao and Jeff make such an adorable couple ;)

Haylie Duff:)

Hil and Hay:)

Mr. Mao Asada


  1. I tried to watch Buttle's solo but wanted too badly to kill the commentator. And the finale?! WTF? That was the most random disjointed hot mess I've ever seen. All the twinks skating to "Living on a Prayer" and then some sort of harem number? I could envision Sandra Bezic, or even Leann Miller for chrissakes, turning into Godzilla and storming Tokoyo for that.

  2. I did watch Buttle's skate. You didn't miss anything. Nice skating but no soul or spark. I used to like his skating-has he always been this fake/bland and I never noticed?

    I'm not even going to try to watch the finale.

  3. Jeff tweeted that he was ready for vacation immediately after the last show. He was probably just a little burned out after touring and doing shows in several countries over the last several months. He also was doing shows before Vancouver and doing commentary work during the games. He is likely a little worn out. That said, that particular program of Jeff's is not my favorite.