Friday, August 6, 2010

Make It Or Break It: Setting A Good Example

The girls of Make It Or Break it had a night off this week, which of course meant that they needed to get in some sort of trouble. As always, this episode appeared to be written in crayon.

Essentially this is what happened: Lauren caught Chloe sneaking out of her house at 5 AM and told Summer that she should get back with her father because she needs a good role model. Born again virgin Summer couldn't bear to tell Lauren that she is with Sasha and thus unavailable. Summer felt very bad about Chloe spending the night over Steve's house and was quite the bitch to Chloe in the bathroom. Chloe had been uber excited about receiving a scarf from Steve for their three-month anniversary. Summer forgot she was all Christian for a moment and let her know that "she has a ton at home. It is Steve's go-to gift." AKA, it showed that he put as much thought into as buying her a gift certificate to Sam Goody.

Chloe felt guilty about doing the dirty at Steve's house and suggested that they have fried ice cream instead of doing the horizontal mambo. It appeared that she wanted to pour chocolate syrup over her body and have Steve lick it off. When she went to find the wok, oh so offended Lauren was doing the dirty with Carter.

Here is what needs to be said about this week:

1. Way for the writers to wheel out Emily's brother for all of one minute of air time.
2. What is more annoying: Kaylie saying that she is the National Champion or the Team Leader?
3. Payson seemed oddly attracted to Shaun White. Woof.
4. Lauren was a giant whore and all over everyone at the party. She even challenged Emily in twister to contort her body for the shirtless men. Ultimately, Carter forgave her for stepping out of line because she apologized to Emily for ruining her leotard and her stealing her choreography (but not for trying to kill her on vault during her first week at the gym.)
5. Kaylie is clearly hungry for D. Me thinks Austin is going to notice her eating disorder and 'save her' next week.
6. I lived for the girls being taken aback when Kaylie said that she wasn't sure if they were 'real friends.' No shit.
7. Summer may be even hungrier for D by the way she put the moves on Sasha at the end of the episode. Does anyone see a quickie marriage coming their way? She clearly wants to produce gym babies in a hurry.
8. Once again, the girls did gymnastics to deflect attention. If this series doesn't work out, they could clearly remake the Power Rangers. Anna Li, who is in next week's episode, would make a perfect Yellow Ranger.
9. This appeared to be another stalling episode until the drama heats up. The girls are about to train like Romanians (70 hrs a week) for the World Team Tryouts and Kaylie's ED will be exposed.


  1. what is it with TV show parents who alwasy want to set a good example for their kids!?! They're adults they're allowed to have sex no matter what Lauren thinks! Where I come from it's do as I say not as I do - i get that the gymnastics might not always (insert laugh here) be realistic but you'd think they could get parent-child relationships right!

  2. I agree that this wasn't the best episode but I can't wait to see Lauren try to explain being in bed with Carter

  3. to the above commenter, there's a clip on youtube and lauren plays nice and chloe falls for it, just like everyone else. i need a mother, i need a relationship like you and emily, oh you're good at this mother thing. barf. i hope Chloe doesn't get stupid and fall for it.

    and i thought you were gonna be all over the part where the cops come and they decide to SWIM to the other side. seriously, wtf? they're not gonna arrest you, they'll arrest austin. go do some flips and hide in the bushes, or garbage like kaylie did the first time.

  4. It's Summer, not Sommer, and she said that the Hermes scarves were his go-TO gift.

  5. That's the first time Summer displayed any *itchiness in the series - good Christian that she is. It's her influence that got Chloe on the "not with Lauren down the hall" bandwagon. These parents don't act like any parents IRL.

    Hard to believe that Chloe is going to fall for Lauren's b.s. When is this chick going to get her pay-back for being such an all-around witch. What does she have to do to wake people up? I cannot, could not feel sorry for her if both her parents died and she was paralyzed from the waist down. She's such a "word that women hate."