Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love For Peter Vidmar

If there is one gymnastics commentator I miss, it is Peter Vidmar. Peter is religious, honest, decent and wonderful, yet he tells it like it is. Peter can't lie!

Peter commentated for the legendary Triplecast coverage during the 1992 Olympics. He earns cool points for being rather obsessed with Tatiana Lysenko. During the compulsories, he said what so few were willing to ever say publicly. He actually told the blunt honest truth and said, "Let's be honest, Tatiana Lysenko is a better gymnast than Svetlana Boginskaya." One just didn't say such things back then and he is to be commended for it. No one ever dared to criticize the Goddess of Gymnastics.

Here, Peter talks about how bullshit the results at the American Cup are each and every year. Being a good person, he describes the event as "political."

Peter Vidmar gave me one of his Olympic Pins in Beijing, which is a gold pin of him on Pommel Horse with the inscription 'Vidmar '84.' I like to say that ''he pinned me'' as though it was something out of Bye, Bye, Birdie.

If only NBC would do the right thing and upgrade from Tim to Peter!


  1. hahaha. god, I loved that compulsory floor.

  2. I remember that comment about Lysenko and actually agreeing with him. An excellent commentator.

  3. I like Bart's commentary a lot. It's not overly technical for the average person but he still poionts out interesting things. Kormann is good too, the couple times I've heard him.