Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Juniors


Kennedy Baker- VT, UB, BB, FX
Claire Boyce- UB, BB, FX
Mack Brannan- UB, FX
Breanna Brown- UB, FX
Maddi Desch- BB, FX
Gabrielle Douglas- VT, UB, BB, FX
Madison Kocian- UB, BB, FX
Sarah Finnegan- BB, FX
Pua Hall- VT, UB, BB, FX
Amelia Hundley- UB, BB
Lizzy LeDuc- VT, UB, BB, FX
Lauren Marinez- VT, UB, BB
McKayla Maroney- VT, UB, FX
Dare Maxwell- UB
Abby Milliet- BB
Hallie Mossett- UB,BB
Katelyn Ohashi- VT, UB, BB, FX
Elizabeth Price- UB, BB, FX
Lexie Priessman- VT, UB, BB, FX
Kyla Ross- VT, UB, BB, FX
Sabrina Vega- UB, BB
Jordyn Wieber- VT, UB, BB
McKenzie Wofford- UB, BB, FX

Adopted daughter Maddi Desch went three for four this morning. She sat down her upgraded 1 1/2 Twisting Yurchenko on vault. (52.250)

Kyla Ross dominated Subdivision 1 (57.90). Gabrielle Douglas is a strong second (56.45) and Lexie Priessman is in third after a fall on balance beam (55.75).

Beginning of Subdivision 2:

14.00 for Madison Kocian on UB
Fall for Katelyn Ohashi on Piked Jaegar. (13.700)
Jordyn Wieber opened with a 16.000 on VT.
Lizzy LeDuc fought through her bar routine. (12.700)
McKenzie Wofford hit bars. (13.650)
Kennedy Baker is the real deal on beam (14.800).
Sabrina Vega fell on bars (12.900).

The competition just opened up as Jordyn Wieber struggled on bars (12.600).
McKayla Maroney continues to be someone to watch for 2012, as she just scored a 14.000 on floor and a 15.900 for her Amanar.
LeDuc-fell on her Onodi on beam. (13.35)
McKenzie Wofford fell on beam. (12.900)
Madison Kocian fell twice on beam. (12.500)
Ohashi fell on her layout full on beam. (14.150)

Jordyn Wieber imploded on beam and now blood is being toweled off beam (10.300) Both of her ankles have been taped since vault and she landed on her head on her beam dismount. Everyone always warned that she would get injured and something is definitely going on.

Perhaps surviving GAGE alive has made Katelyn Ohashi a fighter? She fought for dear life on her last pass and saved her 2 1/2+front tuck. It was landed in a squat of sorts. She fought back after bars and beam, which is a great sign for her future. Someone young like Katelyn Ohashi does NOT need to be winning. She doesn't need the pressure this young. It would be far better for her to make mistakes and then come back strong later today and on Saturday. (14.250)

McKayla Maroney fell on bars and took her coach down with her. (12.050)
LeDuc is making loads of youthful errors today. She fell on floor. (12.600)
Madison Kocian continues to be an impressive competitor. She came back on floor and hit. (14.000)
Wofford hit floor (13.800).

Wieber scratched floor.
Ohashi (14.750) and Kocian (14.500) both hit their DTYs.

Ohashi moves into 2nd place (56.850)


  1. Jetter and Whitcomb scratched AA. Jetter apparently strained an achilles - not sure what happened to Whitcomb. Wieber injured her ankles after landing short in warmups. She's doubtful for AA.

  2. From IntlGymForum: Scratches for Srs: Jetter scratching AA, Whitcomb scratching BB, Smith Scratching FX. B. Caquatto ONLY competing UB, Sloan ONLY competing BB. Who has the best shot at winning now? Larson? Bross?

  3. WHY in the world is Whitcomb scratching beam? If she was injured, beam probably wouldn't be the event that she would have issues with.

  4. Whitcomb can't do beam. It is better if Martha doesn't have that image in her mind.

  5. AJ, someone has erroneously labeled the video of Lexie Priessman as Sarah Finnegan FX on YouTube.