Saturday, June 2, 2012

This and That

Anna Li hitting a 6.8 D-Score routine in the gym.  The routine is even more difficult under pressure as Anna is constantly flipping and changing direction, often at the same time.  If she is the slightest bit off during her combinations, she usually makes a big error.  If Anna can hit her bar routine at Nationals both days, Martha should ensure she makes Olympic Trials.  If she does not hit both days, I can see a situation where Martha eliminates her.  Anna's bar routine is potentially very valuable, but her inconsistency in competition has made her quite lucky that she automatically qualified to Nationals.

Jordyn Wieber videos from training on 6/1/12.  These videos appear to be from stalker view and you have to turn your laptop to watch, but they are interesting.  Jordyn looks quite solid.  She did not do the full twisting double layout at the end of her bar routine.  It is good to see her with this consistency since she will likely be counted on to do bars in team finals.

Shen and Zhao will skate together for the final time on June 17 at Artistry on Ice.

Ilia Averbukh's City Lights will be taking place in London July 28- August 11 at Ice Arena at Sochi Part.  This is being showcased during the Olympic Games.  The show times would allow audiences to see events and the show on many of the days.  Skaters scheduled to perform include: Yagudin, Domnina and Shabalin, Navka and Kostomarov, Denkova and Staviski, Petrova and Tikhonov, Totmianina and Marinin, and Drobiasko and Vanagas.

The creation of Nastia Liukin's comeback leotard.

Bebe Liang's Challenge 5 for YAS is a tribute to the Stars on Ice cast she grew up with: Kurt, Scott, Katia, Kristi, Todd and Yuka.  (Featuring Mirai Nagasu.)  Bebe actually does a great job with this, but the other skaters on the ice are a bit distracting at the beginning.  The thought process is evident.  Bebe is someone who should enter again next year having more experience under her belt.

Another check plus Audrey video.

More videos from NHK.

Yuko Shintake

Asuka Teramoto

Rie Tanaka


  1. nice trick weiber, putting up a video upside makes you look half decent

    1. Quote:AnonymousJune 2, 2012 7:51 AM
      nice trick weiber, putting up a video upside makes you look half decent"Quote"


  2. Wieber looks good. Her DLO seems to be getting a little dodgy off bars. To see her piking down at all is strange. Her front handspring+tuck 1/1+back handspring combo makes me nervous as it is so difficult to properly link. I'm a bit concerned that she is not going to have enough D-score for the AA with Iordache potentially adding an Amanar. If Iordache shows up with an Amanar to London she could steal the gold from Wieber and Komova. I'm sure Marta is on the hunt for another potential AA medalist with bigger D-scores than Wieber like Douglas, Raisman or Finnegan. Ross needs to nail down her Amanar and upgrade floor fast.

  3. Wieber is looking good! I know everyone says she's 'heavy' on bars and I can see it, especially on the weilers, but at least her construction is unique and not some cookie cutter routine.

    I like Iordache, her beam dismount is fantastic but I feel like she does everything so fast. Her choreo on beam is just a little too spastic

    And I wonder about Grishina, she is looking more and more solid while Komova and Mustafina look a little behind. Come prelims at the Olympics she could place higher than one of them in the AA, I wonder if the coaches would let her keep her spot

    1. This is very interesting! I've often asked myself this question! If Grishina finishes 1st during Team quals, with Musty in 2nd and Komova in 3rd... will the Russians resort to their infamous switcheroo? And if Yes, will they let Komova compete instead of Musty or (gasps!) fake an injury for Grishina and let Komova compete?

  4. I too think Grishina could qualify for the AA at the Olympics. She could outperform Musty and maybe even Komova in the prelims.

  5. Even if Lordache adds an Amanar. She'll still be at a disadvantage, likely only scoring in the low fourteens on bars. At euros she was in the 14.200 range. With Jordyn's upgrades on floor & beam she will be hard to catch. If Jordyn hits bars like at Pac Rims, she can score 15.000.

    1. Here's the thing... The thing that Iordache has going for her is her unbelievable Upgrades potential. She's capable of a 6.5 on UB (Doha 2012). If she can add the Amanar VT to her Arsenal and upgrade/clean up her UB... she will be the overwhelming favorite in terms of D score alone...
      Iodache Wieber
      VT 6.5 6.5
      UB 6.3-6.5 6.3-6.4
      BB 6.8 6.4-6.6
      FX 6.4 6.2-6.3

    2. Your smoking something if you think lordache will take jordyn . She has no artistry she just speeds through and mmoves her arms around like a wild person. She covers her mistakes by speeding through. When the compitition comes jordyn will be ready and will hit. So take a chill pill

  6. Do we REALLY have no one better on UB than Wieber?

    Gabby's the only decent bar worker who's guaranteed to be on the team, I understand. But if it gets to the point where we'd have to take JW's bar routine...... I really hope Marta just bites the bullet and takes a bars specialist on the team.