Saturday, June 16, 2012

Russian Cup Round Up

New News Clip (AA Clips...including Mustafina's wobbles on beam)

This info comes from the Rewriting Russian Gymnastics Blog:

Komova was not pleased with her performance because she messed up her 'spins' on floor and is not currently competing her Amanar because she needs more time to train it.

The coaches consider Grishina to be their second best all-arounder behind Komova.  They consider Afanasyeva to be their fourth best all-arounder.  I do love that Russian Nationals is so very Russian that gymnasts who don't qualify to event finals can compete as a guest because there is no way they are being kept off of the Olympic Team.  Brilliant.  Frankly, we should be able to do that at the Olympics.

Nabieva earned two medals today, but is not scoring high enough yet to earn a spot on the team.  The fifth spot is still open, as Paseka is only 1 for 3 on vault.  A solid DTY from Afanasyeva would be a better option as this point.  The Russians will likely get Amanars out of Mustafina and Komova, but it is unlikely the 'specialists' will do them.  Nabieva could get the fifth spot if she is able to do an Amanar, but her vault has been downgraded at the peak of her career.

EF Results:
Women's Vault

1.    Anna Pavlova                   14.390 (5.8/5.6)
2.    Tatiana Nabieva               14.150 (5.2/5.8)
3.    Anna Myzdrikova            13.800 (5.0/5.6)
4.    Ekaterina Svetkova          12.880 (4.6/4.6)
5.    Kristina Bodryagina          12.790 (4.6/4.4)
6.    Olga Bikmurzina               12.025 (4.0/4.6)
7.    Maria Paseka                   11.930 (6.5/5.8)

Women's Uneven Bars

1.     Aliya Mustafina                 16.150 (7.0)
2.     Anastasiya Grishina           15.450 (6.5)*
3.     Viktoria Komova              15.150 (7.0)
4.     Tatiana Nabieva                14.900 (6.1)
5.     Anna Dementieva             14.425 (6.1)
6.     Anna Rodionova               13.500 (6.2)
7.     Maria Paseka                   13.175 (6.1)
8.     Ksenia Afanasyeva           12.900 (5.7) 

* appearing as a guest

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  1. Hi Aunt Joyce ...
    I'm afraid I got the translation of the Rodionenko quote wrong : what she actually said was that Grishina is a second Komova ... NOT that Grishina is the Russians' second all arounder.

    My mistake, I hurriedly edited Lupita's text as I got ready for a night out - apologies.