Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Thrill of it All: Bon Vivante

The Olympic Trials are an intense time for the obsessive-compulsive appreciable saps who dare to live through NBC's Broadcast of the XXX Olympiad.  Wait until you reach the manic stage of the next few weeks when you feel like Dominique Dawes on compulsory beam from the stress of it all..  And you thought Nastia had problems with that fucking bar routine!  We need to remember to appreciate the truly awesome things of the next few weeks that will make it worth it to suffer through the gnawing feelings of gluttony and laziness as we watch our favorites sweat their asses off.

I often refer to someone as being a Sasha Cohen or a Johnny, but McKayla Maroney is now approaching the odds of seeing Michelle Campi making it through three meets without a torn hip flexor or broken neck.

Gabby Douglas.  When she isn't falling off beam or doing that unique floor routine, she makes feel like this inside:


Alicia's comeback.  This may be the last time we see this crazy old diva.  In the words of David Boudia, "God Bless."

I love to watch that Midwestern boy dive, but I'm going to miss Thomas Finchum's long lines and legs for days.

Oh girl, just catch the bar...

...because you complete me.


Praise Jesus.

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  1. Such a shame about Michelle Campi. She was my favorite U.S. gymnast of her era. Crossing fingers McKayla Maroney (and no one else at Trials) are as ill-fated as Campi's was...