Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This and That

Jordyn Wieber makes the cereal box BEFORE the Olympics.  Shall our Jewish superstition take over?!  What would Jill Zarin say if it were Ramona's daughter?!  Congrats to Jordyn, as being on a cereal box is indeed making it.

Peggy Liddick announced her Olympic Team:
Georgia Bonora
Ashleigh Brennan
Emily Little
Larrissa Miller
Lauren Mitchell
1st Alt: Georgia Rose Brown
2nd Alt: Mary-Anne Monckton

There have been rumors surrounding an eye condition to Lambiel that could keep him out of shows and prevent him from choreographing.  A closed Lambiel Facebook group (info is allowed to be shared) reveals that Peter Grutter told a journalist that Miki Ando has arrived in Switzerland to work on choreography and that Machida will come on July 8th.

Olympic Stars Missing In Action

David Boudia and Nick McCroy rocking my lucky color in 10 M Synchro Prelims

Temper Tantrum Drama on Breaking Pointe!

Note that David Boudia says he prefers bottles.  He has previously tweeted about peeing in them when stuck in Indy traffic.

Troy's diving is getting better with age.  If he doesn't head case it up again, he could medal at these least in synchro.  He is currently in second after prelims in the 3M Springboard.  Our former hottie could use some botox.  I've always enjoyed Justin's aesthetics more and frankly, he is aging better.

Shawn is an amazing bullshitter.  This is why she is more of America's sweetheart.  She is just so good at answering these questions for the mass public.


  1. ok, the boudia coke spot is my new crack

  2. Congrats to Jordyn but I hope Kellogg's didn't jinx her Olympic gold medal AA chance ala Kristie Phillips "The Next Mary Lou!" Sports Illustrated cover.

    Great coup for Wieber just the same! :)

  3. I still have my Magnificent Seven Wheaties box! Jordyn is World Champion afterall. I wish more companies would feature champion gymnasts throughout the quad and not just after the Olympics. So it's great for the sport to see Jordyn on a cereal box a month before the Games!

  4. Is Jordin on roids? Just askin.....