Thursday, June 21, 2012

This and That

Yu-Na Kim and Michelle Kwan at the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics Winter Games Press Conference

Shawn Johnson is making more money than you.  Frankly, we can't escape her.  Even Mary Lou Retton is jealous.  We will never be rid of her.  Frankly, they should just let her host DWTS.  No one could be worse than Brooke Burke.

Interview with Allison DeBona of Breaking Pointe

Favorite Things with Sassy Log Cabin Republican Tim Goebel

London's Calling Raisman and Sacramone

Beijing Test Has Sacramone Better Prepared

Brace yourselves,   Dominique Moceanu is officially an NYTimes bestselling "author" and the rest of us aren't.

Our friends at the RNZB rehearsed the first act of their latest ballet with a young girl with cystic fibrosis.  Jaered looks lovely as always!

A Moment with Paul Ruggeri

Kennedy Baker schools us about rap.  She will one day be a fine NCAA diva.  I can't wait until she is allowed to unleash during her floor routines. #doitlikellomincia

Cheryl Burke the presenter...hopefully she had plenty of men to flirt with:


  1. Wow those Shawn Johnson's commercials are embarrassing. Like she actually lifted a finger to fix the gym. Or the commercial about her smile and she's not really smiling.

    1. At least she didn't talk about what makes her taco pop in any of these commercials.

  2. Like her or not-- Shawn Johnson's continued popularity with the general public is fantastic for the sport.

  3. How come the back of her medals are different? The Beijing medals have that little man symbol and Beijing and the Olympic rings engraved, not that little half wreath thing that's shown in the video.

    Shawn was good for the sport back when she was a gymnast, which was a year ago, now she's just a distraction. She's going to London with her sponsors and to cheer on her 'sisters', gag, these girls could care less if Shawn is there cheering for them. Didn't Gabby say at classics that she hadn't seen Shawn in a month?

    And at the media summit you saw all of the gymnasts together taking pics, hanging out, etc. And then Shawn off with other athletes doing her own thing.

  4. MmmmMMMM!!! Love me some Paul Ruggeri!!

  5. Agreed Paul Ruggeri! Yummm!!!!! :)