Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Stars of Breaking Pointe in Action

The stars of Breaking Pointe are more than mere characters on The Hills, they are actual working dancers with back stories and performances.  Adam Sklute's dancers can be found on youtube showing off their skills.  Who are your favorites?

Is the young talented Beckanne Sisk the Shawn Johnson of the group?

Christiana Bennett's Fashion Fundraiser Photo Shoot

Swan Lake with Christiana Bennett as Odette/Odile.

Ronnie Underwood in the OKC ballet with long hair.  It is interesting that he was listed as a principal there.

The Nutcracker

Adam Sklute's new Sleeping Beauty

An invitation to the new season by Allison and Tom

An invitation by Christiana and Chris

Ballet West's Token Gay Tom Mattingly.  It is interesting that he isn't a main character, yet reality shows cannot exist without their gays for comic relief and scandalous drama.  Allison DeBona needs to bitch about her problems with someone.  Tom is a soloist and choreographs for many other dancers.

Tom's Vespri variation

Tom practicing for Basilio in Don Quixote

Tom choreographed Amneta for many of our favorite dancers:

A work by Tom with Ron Tilton

Another work by Tom for Ballet West 2 (the company with Ron Tilton and Kathleen Martin)

Tom choreographed this for Allison DeBona, the true star of the show.


  1. What I have seen of that Allison I cannot stand. I admit to having missed some episodes, but what is up with her treatment of her boyfriend?

  2. Allison is majorly super annoying. Beckanne is gorgeous!

  3. I am obsessed with this show!!!

  4. Allison wears more on her sleeve, but it makes her the most interesting character. I'm not sure she and Rex are even fuckbuddies or if he just has a crush she encourages. Beckanne has a bright future, but yes, she's being fake nice. Most of the time she looks like the cat who ate the canary, smug as hell.

    1. Are the Tiltons Mormon or very Christian? I get that vibe from them, but they seem very sweet and genuine. I do think Allison plays up some of her divaness for the cameras, as Rex is very sweet and appears genuine.

    2. Alison's feet bother the crap out of me...maybe it's just the camera angle but she never seems to get over en pointe...