Thursday, June 14, 2012

This and That

The Muscovites won the Team Title at the Russian Cup yesterday.  While the camera angle is beyond shittastic, glimpses of Mustafina on bars, Komova's Frabrichnova (double double) bar dismount and Anna Pavlova are shown.  The AA event is tomorrow.

Cheng Fei, who has spent much of the last four years recovering from injuries and getting back into her shape, reportedly tore her achilles tendon.  This effectively ends her quest for a third Olympic quest.  Cheng Fei appeared to be at the edge of her career in Beijing.  It was rather unthinkable that she'd continue at that point, but she has.  Unfortunately, there are only so many Amanars one can do.

Daisuke Takahashi is returning to Nikolai Morozov.  They split in 2008 over agent-coach disputes and Morozov taking on Nobunari Oda as a student.  Together, they came up with on Daisuke's signature programs.  This could definitely be a political move on behalf of the JSF.  Looking at the miracles Morozov has pulled off for Ilinykh and Katsalapov and Miki Ando's components scores, it could be a good move for taking on Patrick Chan.  Pushkash and Guerreiro are also training with Morozov.

Maroney's interview with our favorite Star Jones of gymnastics.

EB Price turned heads at Nationals...not that NBC showed her on TV on Day 2.


  1. McKayla has quite a personality! She's a fun interviewee. I so want her to win Olympic gold on vault!!!

    Sad news about Cheng Fei :( She's had an amazing gymnastics career.

  2. Hopefully Dai is mature and experienced enough to not let his good taste in choreo and costumes (and music) be Morozovized.

    1. Everyone loved Cyber Swan!!!!!

  3. How old is Cheng Fei? 22?

  4. I love McKayla! I really hope she sticks around a few more years and does a triple twisting vault.

  5. Jeeeez, what signature programS?

  6. Wow, McKayla is kinda weird! It makes me like her even more. :-)

  7. Does Morosov have connections in Russian organized crime and/or billionaire oligarchs (sometimes the same thing) which is why he has such a baffling amount of 'clout' with the judges?

    In any case, I am not too worried about Dai - he really seems to have a strong sense of who he is. The skaters one has to worry about more are the ones vulnerable to being 'molded' like Amodio, V/T (etc).

    I will say too, the only routine I have ever seen Oda perform that fully exploits his best qualities is the Chaplin thing Morosov choreographed for him, so you never know...

  8. Wow, McKayla's personality was not what I expected at all - which is a good thing. She comes across a bit as a cold ice queen, but she seems a little more goofy and personable than that. Regardless, I'm rooting for her.