Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Workout Wednesday with Jordyn Wieber

There is an official statement regarding McKayla Maroney's return to training:

At the 2012 Visa Championships, McKayla Maroney suffered a minor nasal fracture and a mild concussion following a missed landing during the warm-ups prior to the final senior women’s session. Since then, Maroney, her parents and coach have been working closely with several physicians, including Dr. Larry Nassar, the U.S. Women’s National Team doctor. Maroney has returned to the gym and her progress is being closely monitored.
A quote from McKayla Maroney
“My doctors and coaches are working together to find the balance between recovery and my wanting to get back into the gym and prepare for the Olympic Trials. My family and I appreciate all of the well wishes and support from my fans, friends, and teammates.”

Dominique Moceanu posted a statement on concussions from the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience.

Maroney does not have much time to return to the gym prior to Trials.  They are definitely pushing her recovery ahead of the guidelines, which is consistent with all medical treatment in the world of elite gymnastics.  If an athlete is supposed to be rested for a month, they may give them 7-10 days.  The concussion is touchy, as the head is so vital for flipping and twisting.  Being dizzy is not good for a gymnast who is heavily reliant on twisting skills.  A concussion is something that can lead to permanent problems if not treated correctly.  Martha was already on her to improve her floor routine, but that will have to wait until after the Olympic Trials.

Deciding the team at Trials throws a wrench in the way Martha would like to do business.  They will need Maroney to do at least one event at Trials.  It will be difficult to justify putting her on the team without a strong showing.  Note that Elizabeth Price has been gaining buzz and momentum since Nationals.  When the Parkettes have one athlete to focus on, they typically are able to get a great deal out of them.  Price is peaking at the right time.  Look for another Parkette to be screwed, as they will try their best to get Maroney, the Michelle Campi of this generation, on the Olympic Team.  Can't you just see the news clip of Maroney faltering and Price looking strong?  Trials will be very interesting, as Maroney really needs time to train, but she also needs to recover from her concussion.  The other day, she briefly tweeted about putting on her grips again before taking it down almost immediately.  How do you see the drama at Trials unfolding?  Who will get screwed this time around?

Shae-Lynn Bourne and Bohdan Turok welcomed their son Kai Bourne-Turok,

David Boudia is first after semifinals of the 10M Platform with a score of 1083.75.

Karen Chen looks forward to junior debut.

Johnny Weir told reporters his programs are choreographed, but he is hiring Nikolai Morozov to help with steps (and judges.)

The roster for the 2012 Japan Open includes: Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, Jeffrey Buttle and Patrick Chan.
The Japanese are sending: Daisuke Takahashi, Takahiko Kozuka, Akiko Suzuki  and a second lady TBD.
Russia has only announced they will send Alena Leonova.  Their second lady and two men are TBD.

Adrian Stoica is opposing Bruno Grandi for President of the FIG.  Steve

Feature on Sasha Cohen and Kristine Musademba

Dare Maxwell works back fulls on beam:

Behind the Scenes of a Shannon Miller Photoshoot (Multiple wigs are used!)

More Videos from Dusseldorf:



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  1. I like Shannon Miller, she seems like a strong woman, she can wear her wigs all she wants who cares.

  2. Seriously AJ? That article on Sasha was published over half a year ago. I don't see why it was necessary to post it now.

  3. Does Shannon really wear wigs? Is that a joke?
    I know all about concussions as I have said before.......and I don't know if that girl is going to make it.

    1. Shannon had breast cancer & went thru chemo. So yes she wears wigs. Proudly, I might add.

  4. Wieber's 'front handspring' on beam still looks like a front walkover to me even on floor. It simply has no flight to speak of.

    1. Isn't is supposed to be a front walkover?

  5. Mckayla Maroney can do an Amanar in her sleep. I think she'll be fine. Especially, since she has the rest of June & most of July to recover. She should just vault at trials. The time to rest might even help Makayla. I'll be shocked, if she took more than a week off. Lindsey Vonn suffered a more serious concussion at World championships. She was back at full strength two week later & she's hurdling her self down the side of a mountain at 60 mph!

    PS. She still won a silver medal. She did do poorly in her second race. So she skipped the other three World championships races. But, like I said, she was back at full strength when world cup races resumed a week later.