Sunday, June 17, 2012

This and That

Video report of Day 1 EF at Russian Nationals.  Wonderful clips of Pavlova and Mustafina.  It is a great sign that Mustafina is doing her upgraded bar dismount.  The Russians need her to nail her most difficult routine in Team Finals.

Day 2 EF Results:

Balance Beam ("Log")
1. Komova      (6.3) 15.345
2. Mustafina    (6.1) 15.000
3. Dementyeva (6.4) 14.950

Floor Exercise
1. Mustafina   (5.9) 14.750
2. Komova     (5.8) 14.300
3. Sidorova    (5.8) 14.150

The beam results are promising, as Komova was two for three this weekend and Mustafina executed her routines consistently.  Komova got better on beam as the week went along, which is a positive sign.  The more confidence and consistency these girls get, the better.  Sadly, Dementyeva didn't show enough.  The injured Russian girls still need to show better floor routines, but that is an event they tend to struggle on until the last minute.  It was not a great event for them at Europeans.  Resting Grishina may have been a very smart move, as they desperately need her on bars, beam and floor.

The Russian Team has been narrowed down to eight: Komova, Mustafina, Inshina, Sidorova, Paseka, Grishina, Nabieva and Afanasyeva.  Dementyeva and Belokobylskaya are out.  (Anna Pavlova was never being considered.)

Jeremy Abbott and Ashley Wagner at Skate For Hope.

Shen and Zhao's Final Event

Kami Moore returned from injury and personal tragedy to make the JO National Team.

Stephen McCain gives us a gun show (sadly, not the ones we wanted.)

His acting real.

Dare Maxwell training.

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