Sunday, June 17, 2012

Favorite Things...Tossed Aside


In order to put down the bottle and make it through Dementyeva and Pavlova being passed over in favor of the likes of Nabieva and Sidorova, we need to celebrate the wonderful girls who were tossed to the curb like yesterday's trash during the Olympic Selection Process.  We will never fail to appreciate you.

Unrivaled leaps.

I'm glad Martha lost the gold for this one.

Be still my heart.

Remember when we sucked on beam on floor without you?

Martha forgets you won her a gold medal while Carly sucked it up...twice. (9.6 SV...on beam)

Beijing was not the same without this routine.

We know they screwed you in the lineup in Indy and slapped you in the face again for Barcelona.

Remember what happened when Arkayev didn't take you to Sydney?!

It only took him how many months to break you when he tried to be your personal coach?!


  1. oh. my favorite thing that has been tossed aside this month. . . igor shpilband. ♥ ♥ ♥

    still looking for more news, if any... on the split.

  2. is there some kind of conspiracy against Pavlova? I know she's been plugging away this cycle after her injury, but she seems to have improved steadily yet not been in consideration by "the powers that be" at all.